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Browning Xitan Z6-2 Advance 14.5m UK Set

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  • This pole set includes the following
  • 14.5m Xitan Advance Z6-2 pole
  • Xitan Square Pole Protector to fit 13m
  • Xitan Square Pole Protector to fit 14.5 (& 16m ext)
  • 3x Xitan SLKP 4.5mm Kits
  • 2x Xitan SLKP 5.5mm Kits
  • 1x full length C/3 section
  • 1x SLK Cupping Kit
  • Xitan Quality holdall


Brand Browning
Colour Black
GTIN 7170720211120
Length (cm) 1450cm
Length (ft) 47.57ft
Length (m) 14.5m
Sections 1
Type of Fishing Match
MPN 10804146

More Info

Browning Xitan Z6-2 Advance 14.5m Set
Xitan Advance Z6-2 Top-end performance and features at a mid range price. The all new Xitan Power Z6-2 allows anglers to enjoy the full range advanced features and technology found on our top-end poles but at a mid-range price. This is a carefully designed high performance and very reliable pole suitable for every style and type of fishing truly a pole that will do everything. The Xitan Z6-2 is light stiff strong and long-lasting and we believe that it offers unrivalled quality and performance in its price range. The Xitan Z6-2 is offered 14.5m for anglers who do not need a 16m pole. However the pole is designed to be a full 16m so a further extension is available if required. For many anglers a high quality 14.5m pole is usually a better choice than a cheap 16m pole.

The perfect choice for anglers requiring a top quality reliable pole with full Xitan features. Built to the same quality standards as the most expensive Xitans but using different carbon grades. Light stiff and easy to use at all lengths. Offers new levels of performance in this price range. Suitable for all styles of pole fishing including the most demanding styles of match carp fishing. Supplied with Brownings unique and elbow friendly Square Pole Protectors (SQPPs). Carbon over-wrapped male & female joints on all sections to strengthen and minimise wear. Carbon reinforced grip areas on lower sections at the most common breakage area. Supplied with large bore pre-bushed Single Length Kits which accept the heaviest elastics without cutting. The Xitan Z6-2 has conventional length butt sections of 1.85m. Elastic rating 16/20. Fully section compatible with current and previous Xitan Power poles.

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