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Guru Reaper Pole Section Retainer

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  • The ultimate in pole section storage
  • Uniquely has 3 separate pole retaining options
  • Two pole socks and a middle tulip type flexing grip
  • Will house a number 4 section up to a 16m section
  • Socks set at optimum depth to make it easier for the angler
  • Frame coated in EVA foam for pole protection


Brand Guru
Colour Black
GTIN 5060196185832
Length (cm) 1600cm
Length (ft) 52.47ft
Length (m) 16m
Sections 4
Type of Fishing Match

More Info

Guru Reaper Pole Section Retainer You might be thinking that there isnt much that you can do with a pole sock but this one has a few unique features which really make it stand out and will help you to fish more efficiently. To prevent your pole sliding forwards most anglers attach either a pole sock or tulip flexing grip to their seatbox but the Reaper combines the best of both. The Reaper features two pole socks and the clever design means that there is a tulip grip in-between them so effectively you have a retainer that will hold three separate sections of pole. The frame is strong and durable as are the socks themselves and there is plenty of protection around the edge of it to prevent any chance of damage to delicate pole sections thanks to an EVA foam coating. The thick mesh used for the sock also provides plenty of protection for pole sections. Plus the socks are large enough that even the largest pole sections are easily located within them with the depth of the sock made to make it as easy as possible without having to pay too much attention whilst unshipping as you play a fish. The pole sock will hold anything from a single number four section right the way up to a full 16m pole minus the top three. The Reaper pole section retainer is easily attached to seat box arms and similar via a universal metal screw thread.

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