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Shimano Beastmaster Margin Pole Sections 850B

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  • Top 2 kit & 1.8m extension also available separately


Brand Shimano
Colour Black
Length (ft) 5.9ft
Length (m) 1.8m
Sections 1
Type of Fishing Match

More Info

Pole Sections for Shimano Beastmaster Margin Pole (850B)These top two kits and 1.8m extensions have been designed to be used with the Shimano BeastMaster Margin 8.5m pole. This allows you to modify your BeastMaster Margin to your needs as well as allowing you to extend it by 1.8m. This extension allows to tackle other areas of the water not just the margins for those larger fish and it offers you the confidence to tackle larger fish using the pole without worrying about breakages. The Shimano BeastMaster range operates using Shimano's innovative Safety Zone technology. This is based on the natural construction of bamboo. Famous for its strength and resilience under pressure bamboo offers the perfect model for pole fishing. Safety Zone employs this natural technology and implements it in Shimano's BeastMaster Margin pole. With a conical band construction this pole performs superbly under the pressure of landing a big fish. These pole sections operate on this same technology in order to ensure that the superb performance of the BeastMaster Margin 8.5m is maintained.Similarly these pole sections have also been finished with the same Ultra-Sound Sanding System as the original BeastMaster Margin. This is a technology that was originally designed for the impressive Technium pole range. This system ensures that the pole has a silky smooth finish ensuring frictionless shipping in both dry and damp conditions. This is perfect for us UK anglers who often find ourselves pole fishing rainy weather and it allows us to tackle commercials up and down the country unrestricted by the unpredictability of the Great British weather.Shimano has been manufacturing top end tackle since 1970. The company began life as a cycling brand fifty years previous to this but diversified into fishing when it realised the similarities between the technologies it was employing. These BeastMaster Margin Pole Sections are ideal for modifying your existing BeastMaster 8.5m Margin Pole to create a versatile pole that can perform superbly across a number of Shimano coarse and Match scenarios.

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