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Maver Signature Pro 900 Match Top 3 Kit

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Brand Maver
Colour Black
GTIN 5051901062623
Sections 1
Type of Fishing Match
MPN B8509

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Technology at its very best and the pinnacle of European innovation. Manufactured from the highest level of super high grade modulus carbon fibre. Like the 700 and 800 series the Signature Pro 900 is finished in the elegant black Suncore anti-friction surface utilising STER toughened epoxy resins and Nanolith technology. This innovative feature exclusive to European pole manufacture not only provides the best anti-friction finish available today but also provides additional wall strength thanks to the epoxy resins used and a honeycomb fine metal structure impregnated into the wall surface. Translated into everyday use this results in the angler being able to ship the pole with incredible ease and at speed in all weather conditions.The Signature Pro 900 comes supplied with a very comprehensive kit package including the innovative Powerlite power kits which help to substantially reduce overall weight whilst complimenting perfectly the overall rigidity and strength required for commercial fishing. Each kit is reinforced with a banding and fitted with a quality slot for modern side puller elastic systems. The power kits are also factory fitted with internal PTFE bushes as standard and feature Magic Step and Fusion technologies.Sections 3 4 5 and 6 boast the innovative Teflon joints eliminating carbon to carbon wear. As part of the kit package supplied with the Signature Pro 900 are fighting sections 4 and 5 which withstand greater stresses and loads when fishing down the edge or short on commercials.All supplied in a quality holdall complete with protective tubes.The flagship Signature Pro 900 is bursting with innovation style and performance and is without doubt the best pole ever released by Reglass SrL. Together we have worked closely to ensure the demands of the UK market are not only met but surpassed.

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