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Maver Abyss X Pole Kits

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  • Slim powerful profile
  • Slide easy finish
  • Designed for up to No20plus elastic


Brand Maver
Colour Black
Length (cm) 950cm
Length (ft) 31.16ft
Length (m) 9.5m
Sections 1
Type of Fishing Match
MPN B7139

More Info

Maver AbyssX Series Pole KitsThe Maver Abyss X Series 9.5m Pole is often touted as the dream pole for the angler on a budget and with a significantly smaller RRP almost any other pole on the market. The one downside of this pole is that you don't get power kits or match kits supplied with the package. The good news is the spare kits are available to buy here at a fraction of the cost of other like-for-like top kits. There are two different top kits to purchase in order to modify the Maver Abyss X pole to your needs. The first of these is a Power Top Two Kit. This kit has been purpose designed to ensure that you can get your teeth stuck into the kind of marginal doubles that the Maver pole lets you target. The Maver Abyss X is 9.5m in length and as such it is ideal for fishing towards all those marginal feature which are far enough away from your peg that you're not spooking the fish. This power top kit ensures that you're able to rig up with the perfect terminal tackle setup to bring in these kind of big marginal doubles with confidence - perfect for building your match weight nicely. The second kit available to modify the Maver Abyss X is a Match Top Three Kit. This kit is ideal for all your general purpose match fishing whether you're bringing in silverfish after silverfish at the pole's full extension or you're targeting water a little closer to the bank. This is the perfect pole modification for the novice and experienced pole angler alike.Both of the Maver Abyss X Pole Kits have been designed with a slim and powerful profile. This means that they perfectly complement the finish of the pole maintaining its sleek appearance and low weight. The sections have each been finished with a slide easy' technology. The slide easy finish is a huge asset when it comes to shipping your pole in and out as it ensures that you can enjoy the smooth transmission of the pole between your hands. This is as essential if you're bringing in a potential match winning commercial carp as it is if you're bringing in those smaller coarse fish which do their part making up the weight of your keepnet. Finally both of these Maver Abyss X Pole Kits have been designed for use with pole elastics rated up to number 20. This means that you're able to target the huge range of commercial species available to you using tackle which has been precision designed for the job at hand.If you're looking for two top kits which are the perfect complement to your Maver Abyss X Pole 9.5m then you need look no further. The Maver Abyss X Pole Kits allow you to make the most of your match fishing pole on the bank ensuring that you can target the water to the best of your ability throughout your time at the water's edge

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