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MAP TKS Competition Depth Marker Kits

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  • Pre-Bushed with a high-quality PTFE bush
  • PTFE side puller fitted as standard
  • Bush sizes: 3.5mm on Match Kit
  • Bush sizes: 4.2mm on Power kit
  • Unique printed depth markers


Brand MAP
Colour Black
GTIN 5022671429275
Sections 1
Type of Fishing Match
MPN B9382

More Info

Match Angling Products or MAP design and test all its products in the UK with the British angler in mind. The brand strives to revolutionise match and coarse fishing with thoroughly tested highly beneficial products designed to help you catch more fish. The MAP TKSCompetition Depth Marker Kits epitomise the company's principles the Depth Marker Kits feature innovative and unique printed depth markers along your poles top kit. Placed at intervals of 12inches (1ft) along the top kit are numbered markers denoting the depth at which you are fishing. Perfect for those long summer days when fishing on the bottom isn't quite getting you bites and fishing higher in the water is a more viable option simply hook your line adjacent to your top section and slide your float up or down accordingly -changing depth is now easier than ever before and will buy you crucial minutes in a match situation.Another benefit of this ground-breaking idea is that the depth markers allow you to keep accurate record of how where and at what depth you were fishing at any given venue saving you yet more time and giving you a competitive edge on the match circuit. The TKS Marker Kits are compatible with all poles in the TKS range from the smaller 101 to the larger 1001. The Marker Kits are available in two styles the Match kit and the slightly stronger Power kit giving you the option of speed or strength allowing you to tailor your approach accordingly.TKS Marker Kits come with a PTFE side puller fitted as standard and a high-quality PTFE bush measuring 3.5mm and 4.2mm on the Match and Power kits respectively. The top section comes pre-bushed. The TKS Marker kit is also available in white ideal if you find yourself fishing in low light conditions as it is easier to see than the black kit.The TKS Competition Marker Kits are an essential tackle option for dedicated tournament and match anglers not only simplifying adjusting the depth at which you are fishing but providing reliable results on both familiar and new venues - now you've just got to draw a decent peg.

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