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MAP TKS Competition Depth Marker Kits White

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  • Pre-Bushed with a high-quality PTFE bush
  • PTFE side puller fitted as standard
  • Bush sizes: 3.5mm on Match Kit
  • Bush sizes: 4.2mm on Power kit
  • Unique printed depth markers


Brand MAP
Colour White
Diameter 3.5mm
GTIN 5022671428766
Sections 1
Type of Fishing Match
MPN B9395

More Info

Top kits designed for MAP's range of TKS fishing poles the MAP Competition Depth Marker Kits feature a unique printed depth marker system with depths marked 12inches apart along the length of the kit. This makes it easy to plot your approach and tactics and allows you to keep accurate records of how where and at what depth you were fishing which should mean you can easily replicate success when you face the same venue again. Pre-bushed with quality PTFE and with a side puller fitted as standard the match kit comes in at 3.5mm while the power kit is 4.2mm giving you the option of speed or strength and allowing you to choose a tailored approach.An essential tackle option for dedicated tournament anglers these Competition Depth Marker Kits from MAP will improve your fishing and give you more reliable results on familiar venues.This white depth marker top kit is ideal if you're fishing in low light conditions as it is a little easier to see than the classic black depth marker kit that's also available Both the black and white options are suitable for all poles in the TKS range.

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