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Daiwa Multi Bore Power Lite T1 Kit

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  • Dedicated 3mm & 4mm Power Lite Kits
  • Offer crisper and lighter feel
  • 3mm/Purple: Max Hydrolastic No18
  • 4mm/Red: Max Hydrolastic No20


Brand Daiwa
Colour Purple
Diameter 3mm
Length (cm) 276cm
Length (ft) 9ft
Length (m) 2.76m
Sections 1
Type of Fishing Match

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Daiwa Multi Bore Power Lite T1 KitThis system is designed to provide the angler with match and power kits that feature pre set PTFE diameters but are all the same length. These telescopic top twos utilise four different No1 sections which all offer different gradients of taper and thus different final internal diameters. Colour coded the diameters available are 2.4mm 3mm 4.7mm and the biggest at 5.3mm which is the same diameter as dropping the No1 from one of our match kits. After use the No1 sections can be easily removed even when employed as a top three and be stored separately with the elastic intact. This feature frees up kit sections that would otherwise be tied up in tubes when not in use. All that is needed is for you to have the required number of 2nds and 3rds with a bigger selection of No1s to serve the variety of elastics that may be required. And as they will always be the same length (2.76m at top 3) and are interchangeable there is no tricky matching up to worry about. Now also available are dedicated 3mm and 4mm Power Lite Kits (telescopic top two) which offer a remarkably crisper and lighter feel but still offer you the benefit of reach without the cutting back.

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