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  • Keeping the runway to the rods hazard free
  • Makes slips and trips a thing of the past
  • Side lips to prevent collection of mud and grit
  • Wipe clean tough base
  • Improve the safety of your swim
  • Length approximately three metres
  • Dimensions: 300cm (L) x 75cm (W)

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Brand: Nash
Type of Fishing: Carp
MPN: T1210

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About Nash Bank Life Footpath

You\re drifting off, warm and cosy in your bivvy, sleeping bag wrapped snugly around you on a comfy bedchair , when, from the bank, your bite alarm sounds. You struggle out of your sleeping bag, dash out of the bivvy , rush down the bank and slip on wet grass, sprawling the last couple of feet to your rods with your face in the mud. Session. Ruined. But it doesn\t have to be like this. Imagine getting out of your sleeping bag, heading out of your bivvy, and walking down the angling equivalent of a red carpet and a nice, hard wearing, wipe clean, carp-green Bank Life Footpath from Nash €“ straight to your rods, with no risk of slips, trips, humiliation and disappointment. The Footpath is your own personal, safety-first runway to your rods, ensuring your way is clear at all times, no matter how slippery, wet, or churned up the surrounding area of your swim might be. With reinforced side lips to keep the surface of the Bank Life Footpath free of mud and grit, and a tough, durable, wipe-clean base to keep things looking good session after session, season after season. At around three metres long, this simple, hard wearing way to maximise swim safety and ensure you always make it to your rods quickly, and in one piece, should be long enough to cover most pitch location circumstances, and give you a clear path from the entrance of your shelter right down to your rods, time after time. The Footpath can be pegged into place (pegs sold separately) to ensure that you never have to worry about the mat slipping away from beneath you as you\re dashing down to your rods to pick up on a take that promises to be a big, lively fish that could make your session totally worth it. The Nash brand of carp fishing equipment has been built around innovation, and thinking of everything, and that commitment, creativity, and entrepreneurial focus is clearly evident in this simple, stylish safety option €“ an obvious must-have, and a definite improvement in angler experience and safety, that\s just never been thought of by other companies. Presented in subtle, subdued green, the Nash Bank Life Footpath will blend in well with every swim, providing you with top-quality, unobtrusive safety in almost any conditions.

Key Features

Brand: Nash
Type of Fishing: Carp
MPN: T1210