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Starlite Cliplight

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  • A clip-on rod tip light
  • For use when night fishing
  • Visible bite indicator on floats
  • Simply bend & shake to get 4 hours of light
  • Size: Large 2.4-2.9mm
  • Size: Medium, 1.8-2.3mm
  • Size: Small, 1.5-1.9mm
  • Size: XL, 3.0-3.5mm


Brand Starlite
GTIN 4967570000000
Size Large: 2.4mm-2.9mm
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN R2997

More Info

Starlite Cliplight Mini Chemical Lights. Starlites have been helping to catch fish after dark for 14 years, in which time the popular range has continued to expand. All Starlites work on the simple but established principle of two non-toxic, non-corrosive chemicals inside a plastic tube separated by a wall of glass. This wall breaks when bent, mixing the chemicals and causing a reaction and the resultant powerful glow which lasts between four and six hours. Visible at 30 yards in the standard size and a mighty 160 yards in the largest, all Starlites have a two year shelf life. There's not a branch of angling where Starlites can't be used. Tench anglers fix them on floats to fish pit margins, river anglers wrap them to quiver tips, and carp hunters tape them to bobbins. The versatility of Starlites makes them first choice for anglers all over the country and the brand leader for bite detection after the sun has gone down.

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