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Delkim D-Stak Add on Weights

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  • Ideal for use with the NiteLite Pro Indicator
  • Low profile
  • Made from black stainless steel
  • Designed to be stacked together for fine tuning
  • 6 D-Stak add-on weights per pack
  • Weight: 5g each add-on


Brand Delkim
Type of Fishing Carp

More Info

Delkim D-Stak Add-on Weights,& Getting your bite alarm and indicators set up precisely is absolutely vital to your carp fishing success. Too light and your bobbins will be bouncing around wildly at the slightest touch, current, or breath of wind. Too heavy and it won't be until your fish is halfway towards the weeds before you even get the first sign of indication. Having a setup that you can mix and match to suit the precise conditions of your venue on the say is absolutely vital but having a setup that you can modify as the conditions develop throughout your time on the bank is even better. The Delkim D-Stack Add-on Weights allow you to keep one-step ahead of the elements at all times, ensuring that you can always get the kind of indication that you need in order to maximise your chance of angling success. As the name suggests, these are stackable weights which you can add on to your existing bite indicators. Especially designed to be used in conjunction with your Delkim NiteLite Indicators, they have been designed with a 2BA thread. This ensures that they can be used universally across all 2BA bobbins on the market, allowing you to modify your setup with precision and accuracy regardless of the gear you use. Each individual weight tips the scales at 5g, allowing you to make minute adjustments to your gear in order to get the kind indication that you require. By attaching the weights together, you can build the weight on your bobbin. If you're fishing in particularly windy conditions, you might want to stack three or four of these weights onto each of your bobbins in order to prevent accidental indication registration. Conversely, if you want to protect your indication against only a small current, you might prefer to add one weight onto your indicators & stopping any false positives whilst still retaining all the sensitivity that you require. To attach the weights, simply screw into the base of your bobbin. You can screw on each weight individually to build your ideal sensitivity. There are six D-Stak Add-on Weights supplied with each packet, making them ideal for anglers who fish with a three rod carp fishing setup. The Delkim D-Stack Add-on Weights are manufactured to top quality Delkim standard and are built to last a lifetime on the bank. Their stainless steel construction ensures that they can withstand all the usual knocks and scrapes that you might encounter on the bankside. They have been finished with a black anodised finish. This ensures that they'll perfectly complement your existing rod support system, bite alarm, and carp rod setup. The weights are slim and compact, ensuring that you can maintain your low-profile setup without adding unnecessary bulk to your gear. Delkim is the UK's premier bite alarm manufacturer. The brand started life in the 1970s, when the dream team of Del Romang and Kim Donaldson began to design their own carp fishing baits. On the side of the main business, Del began to offer a bite alarm modification service. At this time, many anglers were still relying on the old Heron alarms & an alarm which had been around since the 1950s with little modification or development. Soon everyone was after a Delkim conversion for their alarm. When the new Optonic bite alarm was released, Del soon found a way to improve its performance, too. Understandably, the team behind Optonic weren't too happy about this and put a swift end to the Delkim Optonic conversions. Although Del and Kim decided to part ways at this time, Del's penchant for engineering bite alarms had grown into a fully-fledged passion and he began working on his own bespoke alarm system. The Delkim alarm system was born.&

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