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Wolf Icon Qi Rod Set & Hubb

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  • Military Grade Electronics
  • Ultra Sensitive Vibration Detection
  • 7 Changeable Colours
  • Waterproof Electronics


Bite Alarm Colour Multi
Brand Wolf
No. of Rods 2
Type of Fishing Carp
With Receiver? Yes
MPN 1065

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Why Anglers Are Choosing The Wolf Icon Alarm

  • Vibration detection system for maximum efficiency when catching
  • Auto night light with 7 different colours to ensure you can see your alarms
  • Anti-theft-power down alert to the Hubb to ensure the safety of your device
  • Recoil elimination for maximum accuracy

Get The Best Of The Flagship Wolf Alarm With The Wolf Icon Qi Set & Hubb Receiver

The Qi is the flagship model of the?Wolf?Alarm Icon range, it has a breath-taking range of features, not seen on any other bite alarm in fishing. All the Icon range have undergone long-term testing during development to ensure the alarm can be used again and again without any issues. The main features are as follows:
  • VDS. High Sensitivity Roller Wheel Detection RWD
  • Drop Back differentiation.
  • High Viz LED'S with a choice of 7 colours, the brightness of which is adjustable, also the latching time can be adjusted from the Hubb
  • 2 sockets with rubber covers that fold away neatly, which consist of an indicator port for illuminated indicators, and a separate IQ port to attach to wired accessories
  • The Qi connects to the Hubb or Qr Hubb. There is a pairing button for ease of pairing. It has a 2km line of sight range of transmission, whilst not to encourage anglers to be too far from their rods, a strong signal is necessary to ensure immediate contact between the Wolf Alarm and Receiver without any lag time, the connection is instantaneous
  • Battery Indication upon turn on, as well as 1000 hours of standby time
  • Local Mute button
  • Hard Case that will both protect the alarm, and turn the alarm off and on
  • All of this and more. Sealed in a strong, robust, weatherproof case. We believe this is an alarm to withstand the test of time and use, we are so confident of this, we are offering a 3-year warranty, plus one extra year when the purchase is registered with Wolf.

The Best Of British With Wolf Icon Alarm Sets

As with all the Icon range, the Hubb is developed and manufactured in Britain. This is not just a receiving unit to repeat what the alarms are telling you, it's a control unit and transmitter as well to ensure you have exactly what you need to secure some of the best catches. Here are some of the features of this incredible unit:
  • LCD for navigating through the menu and settings
  • Built-in torch to ensure the required amount of light
  • LED's to indicate backwards and forwards movement on the alarm, flash on drop back, latch on with forward movement
  • 7 Hi-Viz LED colours to choose from, to mirror the alarm it is paired to. The colours of the nightlight can be set from the Hubb and can be on manual or auto
  • The Hubb can connect up to 24 devices, 12 wireless and 12 wired and save them so you do not have to reconfigure settings
  • Link response and range check
  • Volume adjustment on the Hubb itself. You can have the low volume on the alarms and higher volume on the Hubb
  • Tone replication of the paired alarm, using the advanced menu on the Hubb, the tone on the alarm can be changed as well as volume, sensitivity and latching time
  • Battery level indicator to ensure you never run low on power again
  • Key click can be on or off
  • Global mute for all paired items
  • Rumble alert can be on or off and is instantaneous
  • 500 hours in standby
  • 2km line of sight transmit range, as with the alarms we do not advocate this distance to be used in fishing situations, it demonstrates the strength of the signal
  • Built-in flip out stands for maximum stability
  • Time and date feature, also event history check ability
  • 5 languages to choose from
So, it isn't just a receiver and transmitter, it's a control centre for all your Wolf paired items, such as an intruder alarm,?Bivvy light?etc. Any paired item can be controlled from your?Bivvy?during a changing fishing environment. Fully sealed electronics, in a solid, robust housing, to work in all weather conditions. Wolf are so confident ink their Wolf Icon Alarm range and their ability to withstand the test of time, the Hubb has a 3-year warranty, with the addition of a fourth year when registering the purchase.

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