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Nash Siren S5

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  • Available in Green, Red, White and Blue
  • Super sensitive bite indication
  • High output volume
  • Run LED and latching LED
  • Built in line guard
  • Extended battery life
  • Powered by 1x CR2 3 V battery
  • Please Note: Battery Not Included


Bite Alarm Colour Clear
Brand Nash
GTIN 5055108929710
No. of Rods 1
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN T2971

More Info

Nash Tackle has been a pioneer in the carp fishing scene since its inception in 1967. CEO Kevin Nash began creating tackle to further his own fishing whilst still at school, soon enough other anglers were happy to pay Kev for his tackle, 50 years later Nash Tackle and Nash Bait is one of the biggest brands around. For anglers of any capability that are looking for a very compact alarm with all the key features you need whilst at the bank, Nash has the right alarm for you. The Siren S5 compliments the Nash Siren range perfectly, offering the most affordable in the range and is a great entry point for novice carp anglers or the cost-conscious experienced angler, especially if you need to buy three for your rod pod. The Nash alarm range champions a compact design and the S5 is no different. Cosmetically, the alarm is nice, small and delicate looking with jet-black frame housing all the components, finished with the S5 and Siren branding in white. The S5 is easy to set up thanks to the practical direct screw thread attachment for Nash Bobbins used on the flagship R3 series alarms. Feature-wise, there is a roller wheel system that lets you know what is going on at the other end on your line. Instantly informing you of a take. The design of the roller feature of the alarm means there is an integrated line guard, minimising false indications, the alarm is generally very good at ignoring false indications from adverse weather conditions and currents, the dual wheel design is responsible for this. The S5 features an easy push button as an on and off switch which not only controls power but the volume. Whether you are based near to the alarm or your bivvy is a little further from the peg, the volume can be adjusted so you do not miss a thing. The volume control knob is big for ease of access so you can go extremely loud or nice and quiet depending on your preference. The speaker system is powered by Pieto and has an extremely high-volume output, ensuring you hear your alarm even in howling wind. There is just volume control, making these alarms super easy to use rather than complicating the design with tone controls and other features, Nash is providing the essentials for carp fishing. There is no sensitivity control either but the S5 provides a renowned Siren sensing capability with advanced communication technology with a bleep approximately every 5mm of the line being pulled. A perfect all-round alarm that is a reliable, responsive indicator. Accompanying the audio indication is a visual indication from dual LEDs, one is a latching LED and will illuminate in the case of a line bite, the other is a run LED and will illuminate alongside the other one in the case of a run. If you get a single beep, the bottom lights up. If you get a screaming run, the top light additionally glows as well whether the line goes forward or if it is a drop-back bite. The bottom light will stay latching for approximately 30 seconds thereafter. You can customise your alarm by purchasing the different LED colour options available. Choose from red, white, blue or green. The Nash S5 Siren is powered by one CR2 3V battery which boasts an impressive battery life and will easily last multiple sessions, although this is not supplied with the alarm. As well as extra-long battery life, the battery compartment is easy to access with a quick lift of the back panel, enabling you to lift the battery out. The S5 is ideal for canals or commercial fisheries and can be used in frosty conditions, rain or when the sun is beating down without impacting the functions whatsoever. It is also well sealed and waterproof. The waterproof seal means there will be no problem with water and grass when the alarms are set up with rod support. The construction of the S5 siren is incredibly durable for when getting bashed about when cutting through woodlands or transferring from car to bank. So, if you are looking for an entry level bite alarm or just need an affordable alarm to keep on a set bank sticks in addition to owning a main bait alarm, the S5 siren is perfect.

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