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  • Moulded Hard CaseFits the Delkim Txi-D Bite Alarm
  • Keeps Alarm in Excellent Condition for longer
  • Enhanced Weather Protection

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Brand: Delkim
Type of Fishing: Carp
MPN: DD020

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About Delkim Txi-D Hard Case

Delkim was formed in the late 1970s when carp anglers Del Romang and Kim Donaldson wanted to create new bait flavourings that, at the time, were not available on the market. The pair began experimenting with flavours and discovered many before they were commonly available, including cream, strawberry, and spice. The company is still at the forefront of angling innovation, however thanks to the emergence of the bite alarms in the 1980s, in 1992 Delkim struct gold producing indicator technology for anglers. The rubberised push lends flexibility to the case making the application and disassembly of the alarm set up easy. The case is perfectly moulded to cover the Delkim Txi-D Digital Bite Alarms, which not only keeps the alarm in a great condition for longer against scratched or wear and tear, but the case also enhances protection against the UK climate. Despite the protective feature, the case makes sure not to interfere with the features of the Txi-D Digital Bite Alarm such as the radio and visual indications pulse and movement sensors. There is a moulded gap for not only the ease of application and detaching but this also allows room for the NiteLite output socket. So for a stylish cover that will keep your Delkim Alarm in tiptop condition, look at the hard case option.

Key Features

Brand: Delkim
Type of Fishing: Carp
MPN: DD020