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Delkim Coloured Hard Cases

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ul> Range of coloured hardcases Fit all Delkim Bite Alarms Protect your Delkim alarms Stylish hard cover Tough &durable Keep your alarms in tip top condition


Brand Delkim
Colour Green
Type of Fishing Carp

More Info

Delkim Coloured Hard Cases, If you're a dedicated carp angler then your Delkim bite alarms will no doubt be your prized possession. Widely regarded as the finest alarms available to purchase a title Delkim has proudly held every since the design of its first innovative alarm some 30 years ago. Originally offering modifications of existing alarms (including the world famous Heron and the classic Optonic), the friends behind the brand soon realised that they had the skills, knowledge, and passion to design a bite alarm which would need no modification: the Delkim alarm was born! Decades later and little has changed in the concept of the alarm. In fact, only the technology used within it has been updated to comply with the times the original base of the alarm remains unchanged.With a piece of top end technology such as this floating around in your angling arsenal, you're going to want to ensure that you've taken all the appropriate steps to ensure that it is going to be perfectly protected in your luggage. After all, Delkim alarms are famous for their reliability, so the last thing you want to do is to compromise this by exposing the alarm to potential damage in storage or in transit. This is why Delkim has designed its very own collection of Hard Cases. The Delkim Coloured Hard Case has been created in order to offer you unparalleled protection for your bite alarms ensuring that you never have to worry that your alarm is going to underperform on the bankside.As the name suggests, these Coloured Hard Cases come in a variety of colours. Whether you want a classic black case or you want to spice things up with a vivid purple, red, or orange case, Delkim has all the options available for you. One of the big benefits of the multiple colour options available to you is that you're able to mix and match your setup in order to coordinate with the colour of your bite alarm. If you're someone who fishes with a blue indicator on your alarm, you might like to store your bite alarm in the blue case giving you easy identification of your bite alarms without having to remove them from their storage.The Delkim Coloured Hard Cases are completely universal. This means that no matter which iteration of the Delkim bite alarm you own you'll be able to perfectly protect them from all the knocks, bumps, and scrapes which are so typical of bankside life. The cases have been manufactured from a tough and durable material. This material ensures that your alarms fit snugly into the case, absorbing any shocks which might occur as a result of a drop or a knock whilst also preventing the alarm from rattling around in your luggage during transit. What's more, these Coloured Hard Cases look stylish, too, so they are the perfect complement to your carp fishing luggage collection.If you're looking for a way to ensure that your bite alarms perform to the best of their ability throughout your time on the bank then you need look no further. The Delkim Coloured Hard Case has been designed to keep your Delkim bite alarms in tip top condition season after season. The days of worrying about the safety of your bite alarms are over with this hard-wearing, ultra-durable, and super stylish protective case from the premier name in bite alarms Delkim. Please note that the Delkim TX-I Plus already comes supplied with a black case.

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