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  • Keeps your alarms safe and protected
  • Can be used with all Delkim products
  • Fits up to 4 alarms, receiver & all your accessories
  • Ideally suited for D-Lok quick release system

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Brand: Delkim
Type of Fishing: Carp
MPN: DP075

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About Delkim Black Box Storage Case

Delkim Black Box Storage Case Bite alarms have transformed angling in the last couple of decades. Long gone are the days of packing up as soon as the sun sets or sitting out all night watching your rod tips for any sign of action. With a top quality bite alarm and receiver combination you can lie down on your bedchair, wrapped up in you sleeping bag, and enjoy a restful night's sleep & all in the confidence that you'll be alerted to any action under the water. When we're talking about top quality bite alarm and receiver combinations, chances are the first brand you'll think of will be Delkim. Delkim really revolutionised the bite alarm industry and the company is responsible for many of the features you now take for granted on other bite alarms. However, if you're a proud owner of a set of Delkim bite alarms then none of this will be news to you. Chances are, you'll owe a considerable amount of your angling success to your set of Delkims, so it is only right that you treat them with the proper respect when you're storing and transporting them. This is why Delkim has created this Black Box Storage Case. This storage case has been designed with Delkim bite alarms in mind and it is compatible with the complete range of Delkim products. This being said, the box is ideally suited to the D-Lok quick release system, although it will also fit your standard bolted alarms, too. The Delkim Black Box Storage Case has a hard outer case, which has been purpose designed to keep your bite alarms protected against all the knocks and scrapes that come hand in hand with bankside life. The case also comes with a padded foam inner, which has cut out sections for your bite alarms and receiver. This ensures that your bite alarms aren't rattling around in transit, potentially hitting into each other and damaging the delicate internal bite registration mechanisms. The Black Box Storage Case can hold up to four bite alarms, as well as one receiver, so it is perfect for most carp fishing setups. It can even hold bite alarms in their dedicated hard cases, adding an additional layer of protection to any setup. The Black Box Storage Case also has an extra waterproof zippered pouch. This has been designed to hold all your accessories, including your instruction booklet and your bite indicators. Not only does the Delkim Black Box Storage Case keep your bite alarms safely protected, ensuring that they perform perfectly throughout their life, but it also keeps all your alarms, accessories, and receiver together in one location. This will save you countless minutes, even hours, on the bank of rummaging through your luggage in an attempt to locate all your gear. In turn, this ensures that you can get your rods out promptly. This gives you the greatest chance of getting a bite, as the longer your rods are in the water, the more likely your target carp will take an interest in them. As the name suggests, the Delkim Black Box Storage Case comes in all black. It features the trademark Delkim logo across the front. It also has a small padded carry handle, making it incredibly easy to transport this box to and from the bank. It will also fit neatly into a range of your existing luggage, ensuring that you can keep your hands free for roving around the bank finding the perfect swim.

Key Features

Brand: Delkim
Type of Fishing: Carp
MPN: DP075