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Saber C-Class Sleep System

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  • 6 Leg Flat Frame
  • HingeLoc to secure frame
  • A soft-touch, fleece mattress
  • Boasts lumber support for back protection
  • 5 season protection fleecing
  • Removable insulating layer
  • Waterproof Bedding


Bedchair Height (cm) 48cm
Bedchair Length (cm) 205cm
Bedchair Length Category 180-210cm
Bedchair no. of Legs 6
Bedchair Weight 12.5kg
Bedchair Weight Category 10-13kg
Bedchair Width (cm) 95cm
Bedchair Width Category 90cm+
Brand Saber
Colour Green
No. of Seasons 5
Type of Fishing Carp

More Info

Established in 2011, Saber Tackle is a brand that specialises in carp fishing equipment. Saber Tackle is known for providing carp anglers with high passion and performance standards at the right price. They pride themselves on fishing knowledge that enables them to make reliable gear. Saber covers all the must-haves for carp anglers from luggage to rod pods. Saber is a carp anglers dream great tackle at an affordable price. Sporting the olive green colours that carp anglers love the Saber C-Class bedchair and sleeping bag are surely going to help you dream whilst sleeping tight at the bankside. Saber claim that this is simply the best Sleep System available for the price. The C-Class is built on Sabers 6-Leg Flat-Frame that is not only super easy to put down into a compact transportable bed but when up is solid in strength rock-steady foundations and the wide proportions you demand. The frame also features our Hinge-Loc, so your bed wont collapse on inclines. The end of the legs includes mud feet that can be angled to eliminate wobble when setting up your bivvy on uneven terrain. Frame aside the bed is made incredibly comfortable for anglers to enjoy a nights sleep. The bedchair itself boasts lumbar support for back protection while you sleep which wont sag with use. it has a soft-touch fleece mattress for warmth and comfort. To ensure warmth no matter the weather the bed system comes with two layers of fleeced sheets that fit over the bedchair. The sleep system includes a sleeping bag with fleecing which has a top layer that is season waterproof rip-stop external layer boasting the same exceptional filling and fleece lining. The central layer still delivers significant insulation when slept on rather than under to deliver 4 season protection. Alternately you can sleep under both layers for all year-round protection in deep winter extremes. When the heatwaves hit there is also the option to simply remove the central insulative layer and sleep soundly under the outer layer during the Spring and Summer meaning your System is lighter to carry too. If you want to deeply immerse in the surroundings of the environment the sleep system is waterproof so it is perfect for sleeping under the stars! The C-Class Sleep System the only bed youll ever need for fishing

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