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Trakker RLX Twincam Bed

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  • Traditional style bed with handwheels
  • Made for those who still like to use their bed as a chair
  • Ergonomically-designed mattress for optimum comfort
  • Six-leg design with individually adjustable legs for maximum stability
  • Weight: 9.8kg / Material: Steel
  • Dimensions: L 214cm x W 88cm (open)
  • Dimensions: L 76cm x W 88cm (closed)


Bedchair Length (cm) 214cm
Bedchair Length Category 210cm+
Bedchair no. of Legs 6
Bedchair Weight 9.8kg
Bedchair Weight Category 7.5-10kg
Bedchair Width (cm) 88cm
Bedchair Width Category 75-90cm
Brand Trakker
Colour Green
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN 217102

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Trakker RLX Twincam Bed,

Nine times out of ten, the modern carp angler will be using their bedchair as simply a bed, bringing an additional day chair down to the water with them as well as their overnight setup. As such, many bedchair designers began to remove the modifiable features from their beds such as cam wheels and other such features which would have allowed anglers to change the profile of their setup between a bed and a chair. However, although this move was excellent for the average carper who was taking both a bed and chair down to the bank, it left traditional anglers a little stuck either forced to bring additional, bulky tackle down to the waters edge or to suffer using out-of-date technology on tired old bedchairs. This is where Trakker stepped in. The brand has always been committed to the design and manufacture of top end on-bank solutions for anglers across the carp fishing discipline. As such, when it realised that certain anglers were being left by the wayside, the brand immediately stopped to produce a new top-end product to ensure that they were still able to enjoy life on the bank. The Trakker RLX Twincam Bed was the result.

This is a traditional style bed which is bursting with modern technology, ensuring that you can enjoy a comfortable night sleep on the bank whilst still benefiting from all the old-school features which continue to make all the difference on the bank. The first thing youll notice about this bedchair is that it has been fitted with handwheels. These have been designed to allow you to quickly and easily crank the head section of the bed into an upright chair position. You can lock the recline of the bed in a variety of different positions, from semi-reclined (perfect for a night lounging on the bank) through to completely erect (ideal for watching out over your swim in the day time). However, unlike the handwheels of old, this Trakker RLX Twincam Bed can also lay completely flat. This ensures that you can also enjoy a perfectly comfortable nights sleep and youll be able to wake up fully rested without suffering from the aches and pains which used to plague mornings on the bank.

In fact, it isn't just the lay of the bed which has been taken into consideration. The entire mattress has been ergonomically designed in order to offer you optimum comfort. This takes into account any potential for pressure points or sore spots and instead ensures that your entire back is comfortably supported throughout the night. With the Trakker RLX Twincam, the only reason youll be waking in the night will be to respond to the cry from your bite alarm. As you would expect from a top quality Trakker product, the legs of this bedchair are completely adjustable. This ensures that you can ensure that your bed is perfectly stable, no matter how uneven the terrain and it allows you accommodate for any adverse camber on the bankside.

The frame of the Trakker RLX Twincam has been manufactured from steel. This ensures that it is extremely robust, with an impressive weight bearing capacity, and that it can support you even when raised in a chair position. The bed weighs in at 9.8kg and it is an impressive 214cm long and 88cm wide. This ensures that it can comfortably accommodate even the larger angler. This packs down to a mere 76cm long and 88cm wide, so this setup is easy and convenient to transport to and from the bankside. If you're looking for a top quality bedchair which allows you the freedom to sit back or lie down and relax, then you need look no further this Trakker RLX Twincam Bed is the perfect option for you.

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