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Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed

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  • Available in Superlite and Standard
  • Super-lightweight flat bed with sleeping bag storage option
  • Completely level bed profile for a perfect night's sleep
  • Incredibly lightweight reduced further by removal of handwheel
  • Super-quick to usesimply unclip and unfold
  • Will fold down comfortably with a winter sleeping bag stored inside
  • Freestanding in closed position
  • Ergonomically-designed mattress for optimum comfort
  • Six-leg design with adjustable legs for maximum stability
  • Material: Aluminium / Steel frame


Bedchair Length (cm) 214cm
Bedchair Length Category 210cm+
Bedchair no. of Legs 6
Bedchair Weight 7kg
Bedchair Weight Category 0-7.5kg
Bedchair Width (cm) 78cm
Bedchair Width Category 75-90cm
Brand Trakker
Colour Green
GTIN 5060000000000
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN 217701

More Info

Bedchairs have gone form being a bankside luxury to an angling essential. However, we imagine that you would be hard pressed to find an angler who really enjoys bringing their bedchair down to the bank with them. In fact, we imagine that in the vast majority of cases, anglers lug their bedchair between their boot, barrow, and bank begrudgingly. It's easy to see why! Most bedchairs, even modern models, are weighty objects which don't even unfold completely flat causing anglers to question why they even bothered bringing it in the first place! These complaints are a thing of the past with the Trakker RLX Flat-Six Bed. The first thing that you'll notice is that Trakker has called this product a bed, rather than a bedchair. Finally, the brand has done away will any illusion that a bedchair could be used as a day chair and it has instead focussed on making this the best bankside bed available. The Trakker RLX can lay completely flat, ensuring that you can enjoy a completely comfortable night on the bank. After all, your traditional mattress doesn't kick up towards your head or have comfortable lumps and bumps along your torso! The RLX is modelled on a classic mattress, which means that it offers flawless support down the entire length of your body. Not only can you enjoy a comfortable night's sleep on the RLX Flat-Six, but you also won't wake up with any of the moans and groans that you would usually associate with a night spent on the bank. However, this is only the beginning when it comes to the top quality features on the Trakker RLX Flat-Six Bed. The next thing you'll notice about this product is its incredibly low weight. Tipping the scales at only 7.5kg, you'll be able to carry or barrow this bedchair down to your swim with ease. This makes it the ideal bedchair for a quick overnighter, when the low weight of your gear is as much of a priority as its quality. Its low weight will also make it incredibly easy to manoeuvre between on boot, barrow, and bank. The bedchair also folds with a flat surface. This means that you can store a huge amount of gear on top of this Trakker RLX Flat-Six Bed when it's loaded on the bottom of your barrow. This impressive weight reduction is thanks to two key adjustments that the brand has made. The first of these is the complete removal of the hand wheel system. This system was used for years for setting the lean of your bedchair but, with this new flat-lay system, the hand wheel is completely redundant. Its removal had the added advantage of reducing the weight of the bedchair. Instead, the hand wheel has been replaced by an ultra-light side-buckle clip strap, which can be tension adjusted to hold the bed in position when folded. The frame of the bed has also had a weight reduction and it is now manufactured from a durable and lightweight stainless steel and aluminium combination. The hinges of the Trakker RLX Flat-Six Bed are doubled. This allows you to store your sleeping bag and pillow inside your folded bedchair, so they are ready for use as soon as you need them. Simply secure your sleeping bag to your bedchair in the usual manner (with either hoods or straps) and then place your pillow in the central section of your bedchair. You'll then be able to securely transport all your sleeping equipment in one place, reducing the amount of luggage that you have to take down to the bank. As you can see, the Trakker RLX Flat-Six Bed truly is a revolutionary piece of equipment for any overnight angler.

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