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Trakker Inflatable Underlay

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  • Self-inflating via a purge valve
  • Adds extra comfort and lumbar support to beds
  • Insulates from cold air underneath mattresses
  • Can be left in place on a bedchair when folding away
  • Packs down small for transportation
  • Will fit most compact and standard sized beds
  • Supplied with outer carry bag
  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensions: H 186cm x W 62cm x D 4cm
  • Transport size: 15cm x 64cm
  • Weight: 1.55kg


Brand Trakker
Colour Green
Depth (cm) 4cm
GTIN 5060000000000
Height (cm) 186cm
Type of Fishing Carp
Weight (kg) 1.55kg
Width (cm) 62cm
MPN 217905

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Trakker Inflatable Bed Underlay,

If you're someone who finds your existing bedchair that little bit uncomfortable but you just cant bring yourself to reinvest in a top-end bedchair just quite yet then this Inflatable Bed Underlay from the team at Trakker will be the dream item for you. Essentially acting as a mattress topper, this Underlay adds a secondary cushioning layer to your existing bedchair to provide you with improved lumbar support. It is also ideal for the angler who likes to travel light on their quick overnighters, as it can act like a padded roll-mat on the ground of your swim.

The Trakker Inflatable Bed Underlay has been fitted with a purge valve. This ensures that the bed can completely self-inflate although you can help it along its way with a couple of puffs, too, to get your desired firmness. Set up cannot be simpler, just remove the mattress from its carry bag, lay it out on your bed or your groundsheet, and open the valve. The bed will inflate before your eyes. It also self-deflates in a similar way simply remove the valve and hear the air rush out. You can then leave the Underlay on your bedchair provided your bedchair has the kind of hinges which can accommodate a little extra depth or you can roll the mattress up for storage into the supplied bag. Make sure that you push any last air out of the mattress, or else it might be a struggle to fit it into the bag, and remember to return the valve afterwards.

Not only does the Trakker Inflatable Bed Underlay provide you with unrivalled spinal support perfect for all those scenarios when your bedchair mattress has begun to feel a little tired out but you're not quite ready to re-purchase a top-end bedchair but it also adds an additional insulating layer to your overnight sleeping solution. Regardless of whether you have the most high-tech five season sleeping bag out there, finding a way to reduce the problem of cold air seeping into your bones as you sleep can be a nightmare. This Underlay places an additional layer of air between you and the floor, preventing any cold air from hitting onto your spine through the night.

As you will expect, this Trakker Inflatable Bed Underlay has been designed to fit the mattress area of most standard and compact bedchairs. When fully inflated, this mattress is 186cm long and 62cm wide, as well as being 4cm deep. For ease of transport, this mat rolls down to a diameter of only 15cm and a height of 64cm. This ensures that it will fit comfortably on your barrow or strapped onto your rucksack, allowing you to rove around your venue to find your best spot. The Underlay tips the scales at a little over 1.5kg, too, so you don't have to worry about it weighing you down as you move between the boot of your car and the bankside.

The Trakker Inflatable Bed Underlay has been manufactured from high-quality PVC material. This not only ensures that this Underlay is completely air tight but OVC is also an incredibly durable material, too. This means that it has been designed to last you on the bank and it will see you through season after season of top quality carp fishing. It is also water resistant, too, so you don't need to worry about it absorbing water on the bank. Whether you're someone who has had bankside back problems which have plagued your fishing for years or you're someone whose bedchair is on its last legs, this Trakker Inflatable Bed Underlay is the perfect solution for you.

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