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Rive Transporter Inox Trolley

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  • Fully in Stainless steel
  • 8 transporter rings for bungee cords
  • Front side is foldable
  • Entirely disassemble for carrying it in your car


Brand Rive
Colour Silver
Length (cm) 110cm
Type of Fishing Match
Width (cm) 70cm
MPN 34 09 61

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Rive Transporter Inox Trolley

Getting your gear between your boot and the bank has always been one of the biggest struggles for anglers across the disciplines, whether you're going down to the water's edge for a long session of carp fishing or you're headed on to the water for a day of predator fishing. However, this isn't truer than of?coarse or match angling, when you not only have a?pole?to contend with (which can be up to 16m in length) but also a bulky?seat box, as well as any other tackle essentials such as your bait bag,?umbrella, and food stuffs. In order to make transporting your gear to and from the bankside easier than ever,?Rive?has manufactured this Transporter Inox Trolley. With this trolley, you'll be able to take all your match fishing tackle down to the bank in one go.

Manufactured from 100% stainless steel, the Transporter Inox is an incredibly durable trolley system. This ensures that you can load up with all the gear that you might need for an intensive bankside session without worrying that you're overloading your trolley. The trolley has a wide and long frame, too. This ensures that it can perfectly accommodate all the gear that you might like to take with you, including the likes of your carryall, pole holdall, and any keepnets that you might want to bring down to your peg. This trolley system is without side frames, in order to allow you to pack on as much gear as you like. However, in order to secure all your tackle in place, which is essential if you're traversing uneven or otherwise rough terrain, the Transporter Inox has been fitted with eight transporter rings. These are situated around the main frame of the trolley and are purpose designed to allow you to secure bungee cords to your trolley (please note that bungee cords are not supplied with the trolley and can instead be purchased separately). Rive has additionally manufactured a complete range of accessories which have been purposed designed to be used in conjunction with this trolley system. This ensures that you're never short of storage solutions for all of your match fishing tackle and accessories. Please note, these accessories are not supplied with the Transporter Inox but they are available to purchase separately.

The front bars on the trolley are foldable. The benefits of this are two fold. Firstly, this allows you to rest incredibly long gear on the base of your trolley, such as your pole holdall, umbrella, and other such items. Secondly, it enables you to more easily store your gear in the boot of your car and in your home. In fact, this entire trolley system is able to be almost entirely disassembled, so this will fit in even the smallest car boots with ease.

If you're looking for a transportation solution for all of your match fishing tackle then you cannot go wrong with this Rive Transporter Inox Trolley. Manufactured to last, this trolley is the ideal match fishing transportation solution and it allows you to get to and from the bank with ease.

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