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Prestige Carp Porter MK2 Triporter Fat Wheel Barrow

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  • Amazing user friendly adjustable height crossbar handle
  • Separate inbuilt crossbar handles
  • Allows the barrow to be lifted and pushed when obstacles are encountered
  • Rear parking brake included
  • Front bag support bar
  • Front moveable holdall support bar
  • Wide Fat Boy Wheels for stability
  • MK2 Drop in Bag included and Y Bar Fits
  • Folds flat with removable wheels in seconds
  • Designed for space saving storage
  • Strap tie points
  • Side bars adjust for width to carry large beds
  • Front bar extends to increase carrying capacity
  • Includes spares kit and bungees
  • Unbelievable value for money
  • Width: 86cm
  • Length: 130cm (to Y bar)
  • Weight Frame: 12.5kg
  • Weight of Wheels: 17kg
  • Size Folded: 90cm x 64cm


Brand Carp Porter
Colour Green
Fold Down Length (cm) 90cm
Fold Down Width (cm) 64cm
Length (cm) 130cm
Type of Fishing Carp
Weight (kg) 17kg
Width (cm) 86cm

More Info

The Prestige Carp Porter MK2 Triporter is an increasingly popular barrow choice, featuring wide Fat Boy wheels for stability and performance, and inbuilt crossbar handles that allow the barrow to be effortlessly lifted over bankside obstacles, giving you a smooth, hassle-free trip to your chosen swim. The crossbar on the barrow is height adjustable, ensuring complete comfort for all anglers, and lessening the likelihood of an aching back from awkwardly struggling with an unsuitable barrow; being in pain before you even get set up is never a good way to start a session, and virtually guarantees that everything will go downhill for the rest of the day, however much effort and attention you give to your fishing. One of the things most anglers look for in a good barrow is the ability to easily get it in the boot of your standard family car. Since most people don't have the luxury of a dedicated fishing vehicle, making do with whatever runaround you also use for the weekly shop is something we just have to accept. Fortunately, the TriPorter folds flat in seconds, and features removable wheels to give a completely flat profile. It is designed and sized to fit most car boots, and, if you can't get it in your boot, chances are good that, folded flat, with the wheels off, you can slip it between the front and back seats without too much hassle. This is a full-feature barrow that really does offer everything; from the smallest consideration of strap tie points, to ensure your load is completely stable no matter what terrain you find yourself barrowing over, to adjustable side bars that easily accommodate the largest bedchairs, and a moveable front holdall support bar, to ensure you can carry a full load for a week's fishing without batting an eye. The front bars extend, further increasing your load capacity, while front bag support bars limit the amount of bounce and shock your bags are subjected to in transit, lessening the likelihood of some small but vital piece of kit getting broken before you even make it out to the swim. Extending side bars ensure you can easily carry a large bedchair on the Triporter, while the drop in barrow bag that's included and which will require the additional purchase of XL Side Bags gives you impressive additional storage potential. This is a sturdy, practical, user-friendly barrow that really has thought of everything, and brings in all the functionality you'll need at just under 20kg a fantastic weight for such a practical, high-performance piece of kit. Fishing tackle barrows are a carp angler's essential, allowing highly organised anglers to bring everything they need, for all their angling plans, easily and quickly to almost any swim. If you're always finding yourself struggling with too much fishing gear that you absolutely need on the bank, then a flexible, compact, yet high-performance fishing tackle barrow allows you to take everything you need in an organised, functional manner to almost any bankside. What's The Best Thing About It? The compact nature of this practical barrow recommends it highly to almost any angler.

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