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Carp Porter Power Porter Big Boy Extreme

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  • Carp Porters most powerful model to date
  • Precision engineered quick release drive hub
  • Brand new UK made LED intelligent durable hand control
  • New extra strength CNC front axle supports
  • New drop in bag system
  • New all terrain tractor tyre
  • New extra torque 30.1 gearbox
  • New custom Carp Porter cable clips
  • Features ip68 cable connectors
  • ip68 UK made electronic die cast electric controller unit
  • New Carp Porter LED intelligent charger
  • Maximum torque from bespoke gearbox
  • All running gear and electrics including motor UK made bespoke for Carp Porter
  • Main difference between 24v pro is double size battery pack giving more power
  • Designed for extreme hills
  • Approx. distance with 100kg load and mixed terrain 3 hrs


Brand Carp Porter
Colour Green
Fold Down Length (cm) 94cm
Fold Down Width (cm) 66cm
Type of Fishing Carp

More Info

Carp Porter?is a tackle company who specialise in carp barrows or carp trolleys. It has twenty-five years of experience and the creators of Carp Porters, Prestige Engineering, Carp Porters possibly manufacture the best carp barrows available on the market. Carp Porter barrows are designed and built in the Prestige Engineering facility in Basildon, England, which generally means getting hold of spare parts such as wheels is easier than overseas manufacturers. This also means Carp Porters are tailoring their barrows and trolleys to the UK climate and terrain that best suits the British anglers. A considerable benefit to equipping yourself with a Carp Porter barrow, aside from making trips to and from the car easier, is how modifiable they are.

Prestige Carp Porter are constantly adjusting and improving its range of fishing?barrows, over the years there have been many instalments, one of which being the Big Boy Barrow which, as the name suggests, is bigger in size than the standard three-wheel trolley design. This Power Porter Big Boy Extreme is not just impressive by name. The barrow is packed with impressive features that are going to make the transport from car to bank a seamless experience.

This is Carp Porters most powerful model to date, with precision engineered quick release drive hub which is accompanied nicely by the extra torque 30.1 gearboxes. Carp Porter states that they do not use hub motors as torque is nowhere near sufficiency for difficult terrain.

The drop in bag system means that not only can you keep the porter organised but the luggage you add is secured using the frame of the trolley. This?luggage?can also be secured using the custom Carp Porter cable clips that come with the product.

The UK made LED intelligent durable hand control meaning you can control the front, rear using a switch, the level of power using the dial from low, to maximum to off and the big green go button that moves your big boy along, there is also a low battery indication. Also technology-wise, the porter features ip68 cable connectors, ip68 UK made electronic die cast electric controller unit and LED intelligent charger. The battery pack is double the size of the 24v pro porter, giving you more power and longer distance. The Power Porter is approximately designed to cover an average terrain whilst 100kg loaded for three hours, which roughly translated to six miles of walking.

The extra strength CNC front axle supports meaning you can load up the trolley without the concern of the whole porter tipping over. This also means your luggage will not be getting in the way of the front wheel. The front axle also gives you bars to tie handles to or can be modified with other applications such as a?seat?for when taking the kids for a session! There is also a rear brake feature, stabilising the barrow when facing uphill.

And for when having your kid sit on the front or for just commuting with heavy loads, there is no worry of the tyres getting stuck in the mud around the bank. Thanks to the terrain tractor tyre, the porter can push back against the softer and stickier terrains, much like a tractor. This is perfect for when tackling extreme hills.

The whole porter is foldable to the size of 940 x 660mm, plus the wheel unit that measures at 480x 480mm. Great for when needing to store the trolley in the van or away in your fishing armoury.

So for one of the best transportation devices on the market, look no further than Carp Porter's porter.

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