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Carp Porter MK2 Fat Boy Deluxe Barrow 2018

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  • Crossbar handle eliminates any movement when lifting
  • This greatly adds to stability
  • Includes deluxe bag with built in lid
  • Designed to keep contents dry
  • Deluxe height adjusting Y bar with securing strap
  • Corner locking points on handle for extra rigidity
  • Front moveable holdall support bar
  • Wide all terrain wheel for stability
  • Top quality new bearing
  • All Carp Porter accessories compatible
  • Folds flat, removable wheels in seconds
  • Strap tie points
  • Side bars adjust for width to carry larger beds
  • Front bar extends to increase carrying capacity
  • Includes spares kit and bungees
  • Can be motorized with kit 2018
  • Carp Porter full guarantee
  • Max Width: 91cm (Side bars out)
  • Max Length: 110cm
  • Folded Dimensions: 90cm x 64cm
  • Nett Weight: 18kg


Brand Carp Porter
Colour Green
Fold Down Length (cm) 90cm
Fold Down Width (cm) 64cm
Length (cm) 110cm
Type of Fishing Carp
Weight (kg) 18kg
Width (cm) 91cm

More Info

You get out of the car, and look out over the sloping expanse of ground that lies between you and the waters edge and see that its basically a mud bath, thanks to the three days of pouring rain that have only just let up. In the distance, you can see the pale winter sunlight glinting off the surface of what looks like a pristine swim, with plenty of carpy potential. You've got your weekend fishing kit loaded up and ready to go, offering everything you need for a comfy couple of nights watching the water and your rods. Fortunately, you had the foresight to buy yourself a brand new barrow, the Prestige Carp Porter MK2 Fat Boy Deluxe 2018, with its top quality bearings and full spec performance, and you know that, with its wide all-terrain wheel, getting down and exploring the possibilities of that swim isn't an issue. As you push off towards the promised land of potential carp perfection, youll appreciate the total lack of wobbles and unnecessary movement as you lift the barrow for the off, while the adjustable height of the Y bar gives you the most relaxed journey experience, however short or tall you happen to be. Adjustable side bars give you all the space you need to get your bedchair in, while the extending front bar ensures you can get every piece of luggage, tackle, and kit safely and snugly on your barrow, saving your back and giving you an easy trot down to the bankside. And if you are running out of space? The MK2 Fat Boy has a front-mountable holdall support bar for just that situation. There's even a deluxe barrow bag with a built in lid, giving you the reassurance that, even if the heavens open once more while you're out on the bank, or heading back, your kit will be kept completely dry. There are even panniers for those smaller, more delicate items, such as bankside scales and fish finders. Once you reach the rugged stretch of loose gravel that fronts your swim, realising that the slope you've just barrowed over takes you right down to the water, without any pause to level out, the corner locking points which give the MK2 Fat Boy complete stability on any ground come into their own, ensuring that theres no danger of your barrow going for a Burton while you're fishing. The Carp Porter Fat Boy Deluxe is fully compatible with all Carp Porter accessories, and features strap tie points, giving you the ability to completely secure your tackle, kit, and accessories for transport, ensuring all your gear stays perfectly in place, even over the bumpiest ground. If you have a disability, or simply want to make your angling life easier, Prestige also sell a kit to motorize your Carp Porter barrow, taking all the hard work out of angling for you except, of course, for the hard work of bringing your new personal best to the bank! Once you're back at your car, ready to pack up and head for home, the Prestige Carp Porter MK2 Fat Boy Deluxe Barrow folds down to fit neatly in your boot, with the front wheel removable in seconds, a feature that also makes it as easy as possible to clean your barrow thoroughly once you get home.

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