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  • The following features are all brand new
  • New custom-made smart led waterproof durable speed controller
  • New extra strength laser cut front axle supports
  • New drop in bag system first time on powerporter
  • New extra torque 30;1 drive ratio gearbox. This is bespoke to us, and gives high torque at low speed
  • New custom made carpporter cable clips
  • New ip68 waterproof quick lock connector system
  • New roller bearing cage system enclosing drive axle, maintenance free
  • As well as above 24v features the following unique features
  • Unique anti puncture kevlar wheel for anti-puncture
  • Custom programmed software for soft start and slow reverse feature
  • Precision machined axle and hubs with disconnect drive feature for freewheeling
  • High torque gearbox designed for a wheelbarrow high torque low speed
  • We do not use hub motors which give low torque high speed suitable for a bicycle
  • Automatic fuse protection safety system
  • New quick charge charger with led charge system
  • Includes Batteries
  • Battery Bag
  • Quick Charger
  • Triporter Rear Wheels
  • Spares Kit
  • Bungess
  • Drop In Bag
  • Rear Feet
  • Deluxe Y Bar

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Brand: Carp Porter
Colour : Green
Type of Fishing: Carp

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About Carp Porter 2021 Power Porter 24V MK8

Carp Porter 2021 Power Porter 24V MK8The thoroughly tested new Carp Porter 24V Power Porter MK8 cart is designed for anglers who need more than just a simple fishing cart. This model now also has a drop-in pocket in the middle so that you can store all of your equipment there. The new 30: 1 gear system is tailor-made for Prestige Carp Porter and provides strong torque at low speed to make it easier for you to drive the cart on the bank, no matter how fully loaded it is. A waterproof IP68 quick release system and a new roller cage that encloses the front drive axle, while the precision machined axle and hubs are equipped with a disconnect drive that allows you to drive the MK8 in freewheeling mode, which is easy on your legs and on yours in no time at all Reach goal.As all electronics are made in the UK and tested by total immersion in water, the MK8 includes cart, batteries, a battery pouch, quick charger, triporter rear wheels and a range of additions fully compatible with the extensive spare parts catalog, the Prestige for All Carp Porter offers carts. With a Kevlar front wheel you can be sure that it is up to all situations on any terrain, because it is puncture-proof and practical and keeps you on your toes even in difficult situations. The Carp Porter 24V Power Porter EVO MK7 Cart is packed with contemporary features, including a custom-made, waterproof LED speed control that keeps the cart running smoothly for an uneventful ride, a strong front axle and a new drop-in for this cart. in-pocket.This cart has a corner lock lever that does not move at all when lifted over rocky or uneven terrain. This ensures absolute stability, regardless of how difficult the path to the water is. The height-adjustable Y-bar that offers almost every angler complete comfort, even if you have to push your fully loaded trolley over a long distance. It has a locking strap so you don't suddenly find yourself hunched over a handle that has slumped down on uneven ground. The storage area is maximized without additional weight thanks to the collapsible bars on the side of the cart. This is why the Carp Porter 24V Power Porter MK8 cart can be used to transport the largest fishing loungers, while a foldable front bar allows the entire cargo space to be used. Thanks to the reinforced bars on the front, the trolley can load almost any weight and still remains stable.

Key Features

Brand: Carp Porter
Colour : Green
Type of Fishing: Carp