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Carp Porter MK2 Tri Barrow Puncture Proof

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  • Amazing user friendly adjustable height crossbar handle
  • Separate inbuilt crossbar handles
  • Allow barrow to be lifted and pushed when obstacles are encountered
  • No more punctures guaranteed
  • Front bag support bar
  • Front moveable holdall support bar
  • Large diameter easy rolling mk2 tyres
  • Mk2 and y bar fit
  • Folds flat, removable wheels in seconds for space saving storage
  • Strap tie points
  • Side bars adjust for width to carry largest beds
  • Front bar extends to increase carrying capacity
  • Includes spares kit and bungees
  • Unbelievable value for money
  • Note this does not have a rear brake.
  • Max Width: 86cm (sidebar extended)
  • Max Length: 130cm
  • Size Folded: 90cm x 64cm


Brand Carp Porter
Colour Green
Fold Down Length (cm) 90cm
Fold Down Width (cm) 64cm
Length (cm) 130cm
Type of Fishing Carp
Width (cm) 86cm

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Carp Porter MK2 Tri Barrow Puncture Proof,

Amazing new Triporter. 3 wheels gives amazing stability. Unique crossbar push handle. Will carry your entire tackle plus kitchen sink. The new design includes all the features of the old mk2 with the addition of a drop in bag. This can be removed in seconds for safe storage in the bivvy, and makes storage much easier. This barrow has proven extremely popular since its recent introduction. The frame is based on the mk2 fat boy and has the massive advantage that all the mk2 accessories including mk2 bag fit. Let the barrow take the strain. No more lifting.

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