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  • A quick, easy-to-use wireless castable fish finder
  • Simple display on smartphone / tablet thats easy to understand
  • Great scanning power down to 165ft / 50m
  • Huge casting range to tackle any water up to at least 165ft / 50m
  • WiFi connection for unbeatable connection strength
  • New design for easy casting and reeling, and great visibility
  • 120kHz scanning frequency and 10 scans per second for readings you can trust
  • All scans saved and accessible
  • Dimensions: 60mm x 65mm x 65mm / 2.3in x 2.5in x 2.5in
  • Weight: 2.1oz / 60g
  • Colour: Black and Orange

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Brand: Deeper
Type of Fishing: Carp

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About Deeper Pro+ Festive Box

Deeper Start Fishfinder,\ Powerful scanning simply displayed At Deeper we believe that every angler deserves accurate data they can trust whatever they need their fish finder for. Thats why weve designed a castable fish finder that is simple to use but has all the power to ensure accurate reliable readings. Simply find more fish The START is a fast effective tool for marking fish from the shore. Displayed through the Deeper App all the readings from the Deeper START are converted into easy-to-understand icons that tell you everything you need to know: Is it really a fish? Fish icons show any fish detected by your fish finder. How big is the fish? Small medium and large fish sizes help you target the trophies. At what depth is the fish? The depth tag next to each Fish icons tells you exactly how deep the fish is suspended. Now you know exactly which depth to set your lure or jig to. Have I missed a fish? The fish alarm will tell you whenever the START marks a sh. Finding fish from the shore has never been simpler."

Key Features

Brand: Deeper
Type of Fishing: Carp


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