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Browning Round Riddle

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  • Available in different mesh widths
  • Fits to 17l buckets


Brand Browning
Colour Red
Riddle Diameter (cm) 33cm
Riddle Mesh (mm) 2mm
Type of Fishing Match
MPN 8706003

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A now American owned company, Browning is a Germany brand that has long been associated with match fishing triumph and the brand's core concern is the making of champion anglers through the creation of tackle that encourages success. Whether you are an experienced match angler, even the champion anglers rely on luck of the draw sometimes, if you draw a poor peg it is better to back yourself with the best gear around and there are not many better than Browning. The Browning Round Riddle is perfect for just adding to the top of a bucket or bait box and sieving through waters or variations in particle sizes. Whether you are filtering through feed corn, bird seeds or just anything grains, this riddle can make the process quick and easy. The round riddle is available in different mesh widths of size 2mm or 4mm and comes in a 33cm diameter. The thicker the mesh the stronger the riddle will be. It is also recommended to fit the riddle on a 17l bucket. So for bait success when either making at home or at the bank side, look no further than the Browning Riddle.

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