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  • Super strong construction - Built to last!
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  • Sinks pellets with just a single pump
  • Perfect pellets every time

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Brand: Ringers
Type of Fishing: Match

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About Ringers Pellet Pump

Ringers Pellet Pump,
Ringers is the own brand range from England International Phil Ringer. Phil has been in the angling community for a number of years and constantly puts his experience to use when designing new products to make sure that anglers across the nation are able to work with the best tools possible. He has a plethora of titles to his name and when looking at the excellent tackle he has designed it is easy to see why he has been allocated them. Phil created this brand as angler for anglers and is dedicated to designing products that offer many practical uses down on the bank and ultimately improve the fishing experience for all anglers.

The original idea of the Ringers Pellet Pump was contrived down on the bank where Phil Ringer himself found that all of the standard pellet pumps available on the market just werent doing the job. As a huge fan of using sinking baits in his own fishing, this instantly inspired him to create this excellent tool. Thanks to his brilliant innovation and motivation, you will no longer have to put up with pumps that require multiple compressions and turn pellets into sloppy mess, making them completely useless. With the Ringers Pellet Pump, you will be able to sink pellets with just a single pump and none of your bait will succumb to the depths before its put to use.

Phil was determined to create his own brand pellet pump that would transform floaters into sinkers with just one compression, and he has done just that with this brilliant piece of kit. It is simple to use and will offer you perfect pellets every time so there is no way the fish in your swim will be able to refuse your bait. Another great thing about this pellet pump is that it is super simple to use, so if youre new to the angling scene but want to get stuck in with different baiting methods, you can use this pellet pump with no trouble at all.

Anglers across the nation have named this the best pellet pump available on the market today because the Ringers Pellet Pump can sink pellets with a single thrust, which was unheard of before Phil Ringers superb design. It is exceptionally easy to turn floating baits into sinkers or expanders with this great tool; it enables you to have outstanding versatility when youre at the waters edge and allows you to adapt to the waters conditions quicker and easier than ever before.

Phil has been very observant of all the great design features of pumps he has used with success over the years and made sure to maintain these with his own pump. A huge flaw of previous pumps, however, was that they were made of almost 100% plastic which made them prone to breaking under the strain of the air compression vacuum. Phil finally changed this ongoing problem with pumps by including key aluminium components in his own tool. As a result, the Ringer pump has been made sturdier and more durable and has also retained a light weight, making it easy to transport to and from the bank. This super strong construction offers long lasting product that will see you through a great number of coarse angling sessions.

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Brand: Ringers
Type of Fishing: Match