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  • Orange €“ Light (0.1mm) €“ For delicate baits
  • Green €“ Medium (0.2mm) €“ For general baits
  • Blue €“ Heavy (0.4mm) €“ For big baits

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Brand: Inova
Type of Fishing: Sea
MPN: 200047

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About Inova Bait Binder Refills

Inova Bait Binder Refill 

The INOVA Bait Binder is one of the most sought after angling accessories in recent years. This new and innovative bait elastic dispenser is a must-have product for all anglers. Also now available is the INOVA Single Bait Binder.

Orange €“ Light (0.1mm) €“ For delicate baits

Green €“ Medium (0.2mm) €“ For general baits

Blue €“ Heavy (0.4mm) €“ For big baits

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Brand: Inova
Type of Fishing: Sea
MPN: 200047


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