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Rive D36 Round EVA Groundbait Bowl

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  • Round EVA Groundbait Bowl
  • 25cm diameter
  • Support and CLIP ONE fixing
  • Diameter of 36mm


Brand Rive
Colour Black
Ground Bait Bowl Diameter (cm) 25cm
Riddle Mesh (mm) 36mm
Type of Fishing Match
MPN 10 40 19

More Info

Rive D36 Round EVA Groundbait Bowl As an avid match angler, you will be well aware of the importance of having your groundbait mix to hand at all times on the bank. Feeding little and often is usually considered to be the best way forward when it comes to match fishing, when holding the fish in your swim is vital for ensuring that you're experiencing takes that your neighbouring pegs are not. However, although a big old bucket of groundbait by the foot of your seat box is a good start, this still involves a big lean to grab a handful particularly in those vital hours towards the end of your session when the bucket contains only the last dregs of your mix. At the beginning, middle, or end of your session, it is always best to have a small stock of groundbait readily to hand for when you need it the most which is exactly where this Rive D36 Round EVA Groundbait Bowl comes into play. This Rive D36 Round EVA Groundbait Bowl comes supplied with its own supporting arm. This means that it is incredibly easy to attach it directly to your Rive D36 seat box and you don't need to invest in a separate supporting arm as you might with other on-seat-box bowls. This ensures that you can attach it to any of the legs on your Rive D36 system and you're left with a groundbait bowl which is always within arms reach. All you need to do next is to fill your groundbait bow with your expertly created bait mix and you're good to go! Whether you're creating small balls of bait to catapult in over your system, you're cupping your bait into your swim, or you're packing out your method feeder after each take, with this groundbait bowl you access all your baiting needs with ease. The bowl is attached via Rives Clip One fixing system, which allows for an incredibly easy clip on and off of seat box accessories to the Rive D36 seat box. This system has a 36mm diameter, so whichever of the Rive D36 systems you use this clip will attach without hassle. This Rive D36 Round EVA Groundbait Bowl is 25cm in diameter. This ensures that you're given an ample opening through which to access your bait. It also means that this bait bowl can hold much more than just a small quantity of bait; you wont find yourself scraping the bottom of the barrel after only a short time on the bank with this bait bowl. It comes supplied with its very own zip-on lid, too. This ensures that you're able to protect your vital bait against any rain incursion, preventing your mix from becoming watered down or otherwise compromised by the elements. The lid also acts to dissuade other bankside wildlife including the likes of squirrels and gulls from enjoying their fill of your mix before your fish even get a look in. The Rive D36 Round EVA Groundbait Bowl is manufactured, as the name suggests, from top quality EVA. EVA is exceptionally easy to clean, so you don't have to worry about the state of this bowl after each use. Instead, you can simply wash out any remaining bait, giving you a completely clean bowl which is uncontaminated by bait flavours from previous sessions on the bank. EVA is also incredibly durable, which is in perfect keeping with Rives ethos of lifelong angling equipment. The brand is uniquely committed to manufacturing tackle which lasts a lifetime on the bank and this commitment stretches from the company's top end seat boxes right through to products like this bait bowl.

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