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Korda Krusha

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  • Pulverises the hardest of baits into fine crumb
  • Put bait in bottom section, fit the other section on top and twist
  • Perfect for blending PVA bag mixes, spod mixes, crushing boilies, etc.
  • Works quickly and efficiently
  • Large Krusha capacity: 100g of 4mm pellets (approx.)
  • Small Krusha capacity: 50g of 4mm pellets (approx.)


Brand Korda
Colour Black
GTIN 5060062113211
Type of Fishing Carp

More Info

Korda Krusha Processing your own bait and bait mixes is now firmly part and parcel of angling, following the popularity and effectiveness of modern baiting techniques such as PVA bags, spods and spombs, cupping with poles, and all the rest. Time was you'd spend hours chopping, blitzing and blending while burning out a few kitchen appliances along the way. Many baits are sticky and/or pungent, to say the least, and repercussions for using the kitchen at home were almost guaranteed. So, a few years ago, those canny purveyors of thinking tackle at Korda released the Korda Krusha. Its a blindingly simple solution to the mess and effort involved in crushing bait for mixes. Able to make crumbs out of boilies, pellets and nuts alike, the Krusha is an ultra-strong and resilient grinding device that consists of just two parts. Open it up and place your bait in the bottom section, pop the top back on and twist. When you open it back up, the interlocking sets of sharp internal teeth will have demolished the contents to a crumb. How fine you want it depends on how much you grind. Its that simple! Put all your ground-up bait into a tub, mix in your preferred additives and you're ready to rig up. Now you can pile all your required bait into a bag as it comes and concoct your mixes at the bankside. Who knows what stinky delights youll invent, according to what your target species feels like reacting to on the day? The Krusha comes in two sizes, large and small, with the larger option being better for big boilies and tiger nuts and the smaller one being able to deal with smaller baits such as pellets. Small Krushas will process 50g of 4mm pellets at a time and the larger version will cope with up to 100g of the same. The Korda Krusha is a great addition to the baiting arsenal of any carp angler, especially those who like to experiment in the kitchen but have been told that they're not allowed to do it with fishing bait any more.

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