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  • 1x 5ml syringe
  • 2 x 3.5ml pipettes
  • 1x 2.5ml/5ml double ended spoon
  • 1x 30ml measuring tub

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Brand: Carp Company
Colour : White
Type of Fishing: Carp

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About Carp Company Flavour Dispensing Kit

Carp Company Flavour Dispensing Kit If youre an angler who likes to be precise when youre mixing your carp baits then a Flavour Dispensing Kit could soon become a vital element of your carp fishing arsenal. This kit is manufactured by the Carp Company, a dedicated carp fishing brand which has been manufacturing tackle since 1992. The company is owned by Bob Newman and Jules Webb, both well-respected carp anglers in their own rights, and all the gear the brand produces have been designed with carp fishing in mind. Whats more, Carp Company understands that confidence is key to any successfully carp fishing session, so the brand ensures that each product it manufactures is of a high quality. The brand has been distributed by Gardner since 1997, a company which itself has been designing top end carp fishing tackle for more than 30 years. This Flavour Dispensing Kit is a must have item for the angler who likes to customise their carp bait. The Carp Company Flavour Dispensing Kit contains everything you need to accurately flavour your carp bait, whether youre adding liquid glugs, additives, or dyes. The kit contains one 30ml measuring tub, which is ideal for storing a small quantity of bait whilst you add additives or glugs. The double ended spoon (one end able to hold 2.5ml, the other 5ml) is perfect for portioning out small amounts of liquid or dry bait. The 3.5ml pipettes are ideal for carefully coating your bait in whichever liquid you choose where as the 5ml syringe is ideal for impregnating baits with hidden flavour which will then be released as your bait disintegrates in the water allowing the constant release of aroma into the water column. Bait plays a huge part in your carp fishing success and without the right mix of bait textures and flavours youre never going to be able to land your next personal best catch. Whether youre targeting your fish with boilies, pop-ups, or a groundbait mix, you need to ensure that your bait is releasing the optimum aromas for your venue, the season, and the fish youre targeting. Whats more, the amount of liquid-to-bait that you use in your bait construction will greatly affect its effectiveness depending on what bait distribution method you use. Whether youre catapulting your bait, using a throwing stick to get a little extra distance, or going all out with a spod rocket, you need to ensure that your mixture is perfect to get the most out of your bait. For accurately dispensing the correct amount of flavour on to or in to your bait for precision carp fishing in the most extreme conditions you need a top quality Flavour Dispensing Kit, such as this offering from Carp Company.

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Brand: Carp Company
Colour : White
Type of Fishing: Carp