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Rive EVA Bucket with Rope

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  • The bucket has a 20cm diameter
  • Useful and is also foldable
  • When finished, you can flatten it
  • Store it with the rest of your gear
  • Sold with rope and handle


Brand Rive
Type of Fishing Match
MPN 37 03 20

More Info

Rive EVA Bucket with Rope One of the biggest problems than anglers face on the bank is tackle corrosion. This is true of all anglers, whether you fish in freshwater conditions or you prefer to tackle saltwater species. Methods of combating that corrosion are broad, but the method used on this Rive EVA Bucket with Rope has to be one of the most tried and tested systems out there. Rope is much more resistant to corrosion than metal, which is traditionally used on bucket handles. When paired with the EVA construction of the bucket itself then you're left with an extremely hard wearing and durable bucket which can last a lifetime of intensive on-bank use. Whether you're using it to store groundbait, boilies, or simply lake water, a top quality bucket is one of your most important bankside accessories. In fact, many anglers wouldn't be seen without their buckets and owning a bucket which is both durable and easy to manoeuvre on the bank can make all the difference when you're trying to get your gear set up quickly before the start of a match. This Rive EVA Bucket with Rope is all this and much more besides. Its EVA construction not only ensures that this bucket is exceptionally durable but it also keeps the weight of the bucket to a minimum. This means that you can fill it right up on the bank, safe in the knowledge that youll be able to transport it easily when you need to. EVA is a waterproof plastic. This means that you can use this bucket for storing lake water as well as bait or tackle items. Using lake water when you're mixing or soaking your bait on the bank is absolutely vital. This is because tap water has been filtered with lots of chemicals in order to ensure that it is fit for human consumption. Although these chemicals also occur in lake or river water, they are in much smaller quantities and increasing their intensity could do serious damage to your fish and other water life in your venue. Having a bucket which allows you to transport all the water you need out of the lake and up onto the bank is essential, as it allows you to create your bait mix or rinse your gear without worrying that you're going to cause damage to your quarry. This Rive EVA Bucket with Rope is also completely flexible. This means that you can collapse it down when it is not in use, ensuring that you can enjoy compact storage. Unlike other traditional plastic buckets, this EVA Bucket wont take up vital space in your car boot which could be used for other tackle items. This EVA Bucket not only features a rope handle but it also comes with spare rope on a winder, too. It boasts a 20cm diameter, so it is ideal for use storing or mixing groundbaits, as well as for storing lake water whilst you're on the bank. If you're looking for a useful bucket that is durable and compact then you need look no further. This Rive EVA Bucket with Rope is the perfect option for you, designed by one of the finest match fishing brands on the market. Rive has been manufacturing top end tackle for over 30 years and it has an enviable reputation on the continent for its quality design and manufacture across its range.

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