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Rive 20L Bucket

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  • Black 20L bucket
  • Strong handle
  • Designed for mixing groundbait


Brand Rive
Colour Black
Type of Fishing Match
Volume (l) 20L
Volume (pt) 35pt
MPN 85 00 90

More Info

Rive 20L Bucket Having the right gear on the bank for the job at hand is easily one of the most important factors in your match fishing success and it goes without saying that a top quality bucket really does make all the difference on the bank when you're looking for a match fishing victory. Without the perfect bucket for your needs, youll be left on the bank without a container in which you can mix your bait, soak your boilies or any tackle, and store any lake water that you might need. Rive is a brand which really understands that it is the tackle items which are most often overlooked which make the real difference on the bank. This is why the company focuses as much energy on the design and manufacture of these lower-value products as it does its top end tackle. The care and attention that Rive put into this 20l Bucket is fairly self-evident. Much more than just your traditional groundbait bucket, this is a heavy-duty, lightweight container which has been designed to last a lifetime on the bank. In fact, the Rive brand is highly committed to manufacturing gear that lasts, from its high value seat boxes right through to products such as this bucket, as it understands that nothing is worse than your gear failing you after only one season on the bank. This bucket has been produced with a strong metal handle, which has been neatly fixed to the bucket with super-strong plastic either side of the rim. The handle features a moulded and ergonomic grip, too. Even when you've filled this bucket to the brim with 20l or bait or water, youll still be able to transport it comfortably without it cutting into your hands. Youll be able to manoeuvre this bucket around on the bank with ease, ensuring that you can place it exactly where you need it so it is ready for use when you need it. This Rive 20l Bucket has been designed with groundbait mixing in mind. To get the perfect groundbait, simply pair it with a top quality riddle. Youll be able to enjoy perfectly mixed bait time after time, putting you head and shoulders above the competition. After all, if you're able to mix up a large amount of bait with precision, youll be able to keep a steady stream entering the water holding the fish to your peg and ensuring that you're in the best possible position for match fishing victory. However, you can also use this bucket to soak your baits out with lake water, too. Whether you're fishing with boilies and you want to give them a washed out appearance, or you want to pre-soften your pellets ready for moulding into your feeder system, this bucket is the perfect tool for the job. Rive is a French brand and it has already been making waves on the continent. Established in 1987, the brand is most famous for its superior quality seat boxes and seat box accessories and the Rive name is synonymous with match fishing success on the other side of the channel. It looks likely to inspire similar success here in the UK, too. Designing tackle for the discerning match angler has always been Rives top priority and the brand are not afraid to innovate in order to manufacture the kind of tackle which is set to make a real difference on the bank.

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