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Avid Carp Lok Down Bucket Stand

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  • Complete with three adjustable banksticks
  • Banksticks feature Lok Down cam
  • Will accommodate most sizes of square bucket
  • Built in foam rest for easier baiting up


Brand Avid Carp
Colour Black
GTIN 5055977481807
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN A0480019

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Avid Carp are a brand who aim to produce carp tackle the will improve your experience on the bank and enable you to develop as an angler. One of the ways in which Avid Carp does this is by introducing innovative tackle that forces the angler to adapt, learn and improve their approach. In recent years spodding has become hugely popular, casting out large quantities of bait to create a bed of free offerings to surround your hookbait and hold the carp in the area. Hauling kilo after kilo of bait out to the horizon takes its toll after a while but Avid Carp have introduced the Lok Down Bucket Stand to aid this process. Both the frame and the legs of the stand are thicker than its predecessor and result in a sturdier Bucket Stand, another welcome addition is the inclusion of the Lok Down cam system on the adjustable legs, instead of applying pressure to just a single point on the insert pole, the Avid Carp cam lock wraps around the circumference of the insert pole. This design provides substantially more hold and results in the legs being immovable, certainly by hand. Built into the stand is a compact foam rest, ergonomically designed to cradle your spod rod whilst re-baiting your spod, bringing your spod bucket up to waist height and providing a nearby rod rest will considerably ease the toll taken on your body whilst spodding kilo upon kilo of bait out. The same can be said when using a throwing stick, you will be surprised at how much of a difference having your boilies to hand will make to your form and muscle memory.

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