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Greys Klip-Lok Box Perforated Lid

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  • Made from tough injection moulded polypropylene.
  • Three sizes of modular base, same lid fits all.
  • Easy to operate Klip-Lok lids only fit Greys Bait Boxes.
  • Lids feature extra secure Klip-Lok (TM) fastening on all sides.
  • Lids fitted with escape proof, secure seal rubber gaskets.
  • Clear perforated lids have tapered anti-clog holes.
  • Lid perforations are fenced in to prevent bait escape.
  • Optional non-perforated Flip Top lids are interchangeable with all bases.
  • All boxes have locking feet for neat and secure stacking.
  • Enlarged capacities allow extra breathing space for live bait.


Brand Greys
Colour Green
GTIN 617075432645
Type of Fishing Match
Volume (l) 0.8L
Volume (pt) 1.4pt
MPN 1325994

More Info

After much research, Greys have designed the ultimate range of bait boxes, aimed at being both retailer and angler friendly. The revolutionary Greys Klip-Lok bait boxes are in fact octagonal but retain a square shaped profile because their corners are only lightly angled. This gains a major unique selling point in that no other bait box lids will fit the new Greys bait box designs and Klip-Lok lids won't fit any other bases.
The new Greys Klip-Lok bait boxes come in 3 sizes of modular base, each complete with an easy fasten and release lid design that clips securely shut on all four sides - also being interchangeable between all boxes in the range. These Greys Klip-Lok lids have tapered air holes to prevent clogging with sawdust and other debris, along with safe seal gaskets around their rims to prevent bait escape.

The lids of standard Greys Klip-Lok bait boxes also feature a unique fenced in perforated area, to prevent wet maggots or pinkies escaping. Both the lids and bases have specially moulded anchoring points for more efficient stacking of these bait boxes, either for display purposes or better storage in carryalls. The 1.4pt, 2.4pt and 3.4pt capacities have been carefully gauged to allow more breathing space for baits like maggots, which are usually purchased in pint quantities.

Greys Klip-Lok Bait Boxes also offer an alternative Flip-Top lid option, specially designed to keep inert baits fresh and live baits dry in wet conditions. These non-perforated, hinged lids have an inner opening, which allows quick access to contents stored inside the bait boxes.

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