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  • Regulate the amount of time pellets are soaked for
  • Create the perfect feed pellets every time
  • Effective with any size of pellet.
  • Constructed from high quality 0.8mm EVA
  • Stiff rim to keep its shape
  • High quality mesh bag

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Brand: Preston
Colour : Black
GTIN: 5055977484129
Type of Fishing: Match
MPN: P0130081

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About Preston Supera Pellet Wetter

Looking for a more convenient way to prepare your bait at the bankside? Preston may provide the answer. Preston Innovations is a brand with the aim of producing its tackle that provides quality and is designed with a purpose. Preston has over 30 years of experience in producing fishing tackle and equipment, and its success is down to the brands dedication to following and listening to the leading match anglers, and to then learn and incorporate the techniques and methods that work into the products. Because of this dedication and listening to real angler's needs, Preston is one step ahead of other leading fishing tackle providers. For carp and coarse fishing, pellets are the go-to bait, particularly if you are targeting commercial venues. Pellets most likely use to be catapulted into the water or softened and pressed into a feeder or banded to your hook. But how do you thread a hard pellet onto the hook or soften it enough for the bait feeder? By soaking pellets you can expand them and soften them. Once softened, it is easier to prepare whether it is into the feeder or a mix, or to add to your hook. Prestons Supera Pellet Wetter is the perfect device to create the perfect feed pellets every time! The pellet wetter consists of two items. You place your pellets in the removable mesh bag, that fits nicely into the other part of the pellet wetter, which is a slightly larger container. This impermeable container is what holds the water you use to soak the pellets into. Acting as a sieve, the mesh material is able to dunk the pellets with the option to quickly drain the pellets by simply lifting the mesh container out from the water using the handle attached to the top of the bag. This allows you to regulate the amount of time pellets are soaking for, so you can make sure you do not oversoak the pellets into a mushy paste. Although this pellet wetter is effective with any size of pellet, it is recommended to use 4mm sized pellets, as that is a great size to use on the hook and attract a whole manner of species but they are also a popular size to use as a loose feed, allowing you to catch everything that swims in your commercial lake. You should soak micro pellets or 4mms for just a few seconds, as they can be easily over-wetted if left to soak for a long period of time. However, depending on the size of pellet and how soft you want them, you can use the pellet wetter to control the soak by just pouring the required amount of bait into the bag and submerging for a minute or so, then you remove the bag, shake off excess water and pour into a bait box. Simple! The pellet wetter is constructed from a high-quality 0.8mm EVA material that has good low-temperature properties, keeping your water and pellets cool and it is also incredibly tough and durable. There is a stiff rim to help keep the shape, even when loaded up with a generous load of pellet bait. Preston has made preparing bait for coarse anglers that much quicker so you can get catching, quicker with this Supera Pellet Wetter.

Key Features

Brand: Preston
Colour : Black
GTIN: 5055977484129
Type of Fishing: Match
MPN: P0130081