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Shimano Sync Airdry Bag

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  • Features a barrow fitting
  • Drop out air mesh
  • Airdry and bait zipper access
  • Holds 5kg & 10kg of bait


Air Dry Bag Size (kg or l) 10kg
Brand Shimano
Colour Camo
Type of Fishing Carp

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Designed with a barrow fitting, this 10kg & 5 kg Shimano Sync Airdry Bag holds plenty of bait, making it the perfect choice for all your baiting needs. Whether you're making your own boilies, or carrying a full bait load ready for an active session, this airdry bag is a practical choice that can be hung up to dry quickly, ensuring that, even if you're out several times a week, you can rely on your bait bag being clean and dry in time to head out again. This practicality means you can use different baits on different sessions, without tainting dry baits with the traces of wet bait, ideal if you're a specimen angler who regular fishes between species, and needs to ensure that the bait offered is on point for every session, species, venue, and conditions. The air mesh drops out, allowing you to use the Airdry bag as a basic bait bag if you're out for an extended carp campaign, while zip access makes it quick and easy to get a good handful of bait when you need it.

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