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Type of Fishing
Barbed, Barbless or Microbarb?
Bite Alarm Colour
Leaders Length (cm)
Leaders Length (m)
Weight (oz)
Hook Size
Holdall Length (ft)
Weight (kg)
Bedchair Adjustable Height (cm)
Floor Space (m²)
Rod Rest Head Size

The weight of boilies the air dry bag can fit

Air Dry Bag Size (kg)
Baiting Pole Length (ft)
Bivvy Weight Category
Length (cm)
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Fold Down Length (cm)
Bedchair Weight Category
Bedchair Length Category
Bedchair Width Category
Bedchair Height (cm)
Sleeping Bag Weight Category
Sleeping Bag Length Category
Volume (litre)
volume (ml)
Volume (pint)
Sleeping Bag Width Category
Bobbin Weight (g)

Whether this bivvy is classed as a 1 man or 2 man bivvy. A 2 man bivvy will be larger but heavier

1 Man/2 Man/XL
Footprint (Width) (cm)
Footprint (Depth) (cm)
Chair Weight Category
Seat Height
Clothing Size
Shoe Size UK
Shoe Size (Euro)
Size (ml)
Length (ft)
Depth (cm)
Length (in)
Elastic Diameter (mm)
Elastic Length (m)
Length (m)
Bead Size (mm)
Breaking Strain (kg)
Breaking Strain (lb)
Weight (g)
Swivel Size
Waterproof Rating
Waterproof (Hydrostatic Head Rating)
Bankstick Height (cm)
Bankstick Height (inches)

The flavour of the bait

Bait Flavour
Frozen or Shelf Life
PVA Friendly?
Groundsheet Inbuilt?
Mozzi Infill
Overwrap Available?
Bedchair no. of Legs
No. of Seasons
No. of Rods
With Receiver?
Catapult Type
Are Sunglasses Polarized?
Frame Colour
Lens Colour
Mainline Length (m)
Mainline Length (Yards)
Mainline Strength (kg)
Mainline Strength (lb)
Net Size (cm)
Net Size (inch)
Net Length (m)
Handle Length (m)
Handle Length (ft)
Landing Handle Net Sections
Front Drag/Baitrunner
Reel Gear Ratio
Reel Line Capacity (m)
Reel Line Capacity (Yards)
Reel Line Capacity (mm)
No. of Bearings
Reel Weight (g)
Buzzbar Type
Buzz Bar Size (cm)
Buzz Bar Size (inch)
Rod Length (ft)
Rod Length (m)
Casting Weight
Test Curve (lb)
Butt Ring Size
Handle Material
Reel Seat
Packed Length (ft)
Packed Length (m)
Hook Type
Rig Length
Type of Rig
Battery Size
Holdall Rod Quantity
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