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Nash Siren R3 Alarm

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  • Patented sensitivity control utilising microchip Intelligent Sensing
  • Market leading remote performance independently verified
  • One touch mute function allows bobbins to be set without disturbing anglers or carp
  • High output adjustable volume and variable tone
  • Pulsing fibre optic output for Nash Siren Optics indicators
  • Integrated rubberised snag ears
  • Heads available Blue, Red, Green and Clear LEDs
  • Protective PVC case
  • Powered by 1 x CR 2 - 3V battery (not included)


Bite Alarm Colour Blue
Brand Nash
GTIN 5055108929512
No. of Rods 1
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN T2951

More Info

Nash Siren R3 Alarm. It is often said that once you've fished with a Nash Siren alarm you will never look back and this is no different with this latest incarnation of the impressive range. The Nash Siren R3 Alarm boasts all the features that are best loved about the original Siren ranges, as well as a whole host of upgraded and added extras which really do make it the creme de la creme of Nash's alarm range. These Nash Siren R3 Alarms feature a patented sensitivity control. This allows you to use the alarm on a variety of waters and in a huge range of circumstances with equal ease and confidence. In fact, this alarm system has set new standards in bite registration thanks to its Intelligent Sensing system. This system operates on a microchip system, which eliminates the risk of false indications as it focuses on the change in speed of the line movement rather than simply the movement itself. With the Nash Siren R3 you can say goodbye to the days of irritating bleeps due to wind, current, or even weed tugging at your line. Instead, you can sit on the bank in glorious silence, listening to the sounds of the lake & until your alarm sounds, that is With this bite alarm you can be confident that every sound is positive so there will be no more nervously sitting on your hands whilst your alarm is sounding. This really is a revolutionary system which is perfect for the novice and experienced angler alike. What's more, this alarm is fitted with a one-touch mute button. After all, we've all been at the bank when a fellow angler is setting up their indicators and we know that nothing is more annoying that the continuous bleeps from their systems. This mute button means that you can set up your system without disturbing other anglers or the carp in your swim. Once you've got your indicators set up and your alarm un-muted, you can further adjust the volume level of the alarm. If you're fishing in windy conditions then you can set the Nash Siren R3 Alarm as loud as you like to ensure that you'll be able to hear it over the sound of the wind & even when you're sat tucked away in your bivvy. Should you be fishing on a still or clam day, then you might want to lower the sound of the alarm to a barely perceptible level & ensuring that you don't disturb other anglers or spook other carp. This kind of versatility really does ensure that you can fish waters in all conditions with confidence. You can also adjust the tone of your alarm. If you're fishing with more than one carp rod in your setup then this allows you to be confident which of your rods has experienced the take, before you've even had chance to look at them. There are also four LED colour options in the range. This means that you can set up each rod with a differently coloured alarm system, should you so desire, ensuring that you can quickly and easily identify the rod which has the take even in the low light or night time angling conditions. The Nash Siren R3 Alarm comes fitted with integrated rubberised snag ears, to prevent your rod from jumping out of your system after a particularly aggressive take. It also comes supplied with a protective PVC case as standard, to ensure that it is always in tip top working order every time you need it. There is a separate remote system which is available for purchase separately, too, and this has been independently proven as the market leader. With a range that exceeds 400m, the combination of this alarm and remote is perfect for the angler who fishes in circumstances when you rods are not in a clear line of sight & for example, a swim which is packed with dense foliage. Innovative and high performance: you cannot beat the Nash Siren R3 Alarm.

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Leigh Stephens
Great price… great service. What more can I say!!
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22/11/2022, 12:01

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