Buyers Guide to Fishing Footwear

Wearing the correct footwear for fishing will help prevent any slips or cuts. There's a wide variety of footwear available for different fishing situations including boots, slip ons and waterproof shoes. This guide will cover the different types of footwear available and the best situations to use them. We also have a Waders Buying Guide if you're interested in fishing further out.


The most common type of footwear for fishing are boots. Boots are available in a range of styles and sizes and any angler should be able to find a perfect fit. Boots are also great if you're planning on covering a lot of ground while fishing as they support the ankle well. Typically boots also have a good grip which make them perfect for all types of terrain including mud. 

Boots also generally have thermal linings keeping your feet warm and making them great for the colder days on the bank. Most of them will also be waterproof, preventing your feet from getting wet and cold. A great example of some hard wearing boots are Nash’s ZT Trail Boots.


The next type of footwear are slip ons. Slip ons aren't designed for long distance walking however they are perfect for a more static and relaxed session. Slip ons are also great for night fishing when you hear your alarm buzzing and you don't have time to tie any laces. A great example of some slip on shoes are the Vas Easy Bac trainers.





The final type of footwear that will be mentioned are waterproofs. These can come in both shoe or boot styles and work great if you need to step onto more wet or slippery surfaces. This style of footwear is mainly designed for stepping into and through water while keeping you from slipping and keeping your feet warm, making them great for sea fishing from the rocks.


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