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Shakespeare Catch More Fish 2 12ft Surf Rod

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  • 12ft Length
  • Casting weight: 112g-170g
  • Composite blanks
  • 2 piece sections
  • Lined guides
  • DPS reel seat
  • Supplied with pre-spooled Beta FD reel
  • Supplied with tackle box with accessories
  • 2x SALT XT rigs
  • 2x 3oz lead
  • 5x 3/0 hooks
  • 5x fluorescent red beads


Brand Shakespeare
Casting Weight 112-170g
GTIN 43388434074
Reel Seat DPS
Rod Length (ft) 12ft
Rod Length (m) 3.66m
Sections 2
Type of Fishing Sea
MPN 1423605

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Tell Me About It

Shakespeare is an established brand with a reputation for providing reliable quality and smooth performance to anglers of all levels of experience, including novice and junior anglers, at an affordable price, and in a style that looks good, and handles well in the water.

The Catch More Fish 2 12ft Surf Rod, with a large Beta FD?reel?that's pre-spooled with quality Beta monofilament line, is no exception to this Shakespeare rule.? Offering a two-piece sectional rod, which features composite blanks, and boasts a casting weight of 112-170g, this combo is ideal for beach casting, giving you a line that's capable of going out well beyond the breakers, and a rod that more than backs it up, ensuring you can get your rig and hookbait out to the point where bigger fish are likely to be cruising, giving you the chance of some good sport, as well as bringing in smaller fish, such as dab, which can make quite attractive photo opportunities, and are an easy retrieve for inexperienced surf anglers.

This dynamic Shakespeare set includes the 12ft surf cast rod, the Beta FD reel, and a durable plastic tackle box, which gives you two salt XT rigs, three 3oz leads, five size 3/0 hooks, and a selection of rig plastics, including five fluorescent red beads, five barrel swivels, and five link swivels everything you need to create a basic, yet effective, lightweight sea fishing set up, and hopefully bring in some fish.

What Discipline Is It For?

The Shakespeare Catch More Fish 2 is the ideal introductory combo for anyone looking to explore sea fishing for the first time.

Why Should I Buy It?

Sea fishing is a fun, affordable discipline to get started in, and one that will give you a new appreciation for the British coast, and the wealth of marine life that lives there. Whether you're out for sport, saltwater specimens, or trying to catch something that's big enough to be taken home for dinner, sea fishing challenges and rewards anglers in roughly equal measure.

For many people, dropping a cheap?rod, often with just a hookbait on, off a pier, or going out on a charter boat, during seaside holidays is their first encounter with any kind of fishing. Buying a functional, quality combo set such as this rod and reel from Shakespeare is a way to ensure that initial excitement never fades.

Whether you're buying this fishing set as a gift, or simply to leave in the boot of your car for holidays and day trips, you'll be impressed that this kind of quality can be so affordable.

What's The Best Thing About It?

The fact that the Shakespeare Catch More Fish 2 rod and reel combo set comes with everything you need for a quick, simple, and basic start in sea fishing is a definite plus, and makes this a great gift option, or the ideal holiday essential that you can leave in your car, holiday home, or caravan.

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