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Sonik 12ft Dominator X Abbreviated Rod & Shimano Baitrunner DL Combo 1

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  • 3 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • Varispeed
  • AR-C Line Management System
  • Cold Forged Aluminium Spool
  • Spare Spool
  • Dyna-Balance System
  • Super Stopper II System
  • Power Roller
  • Free Spool System
  • Powerful and Smooth
  • Precise Rear Drag or Front Drag
  • Abbreviated carp fishing rod
  • Various lengths and casting weights for tailored performance
  • 12ft and 13ft options fitted with 50mm ringing


Brand Sonik
Front Drag/Baitrunner Baitrunner
Handle Material Abbreviated
Rod Length (ft) 12ft
Rod Length (m) 3.66m
Type of Fishing Carp

More Info

The Sonik Dominator X Abbreviated Carp Rods look good, and their shortened handles pack the extra power you sometimes find yourself in need of, especially when you're casting out heavy?bait?loads on larger venues, or handling lively, fighting fish at the top of the weight range.

With a classic matte black blank that gives an unobtrusive, low profile approach that you'll appreciate on those bright days when you're fishing crystal clear waters, the Dominator X is the rod range you need if your carp angling is all about keeping out of sight, and creeping up on your quarry, even when conditions shouldn't facilitate an unnoticed approach.

A 1K high modulus carbon weave gives a reliable yet flexible strength that feels balanced, and channels the flow of power through the blank, down to the multidirectional tip section, which gives you the sensitivity and responsiveness you need to keep on top of the liveliest session, and pick up the most cautious bites on pressured venues.

Available in a variety of lengths and casting weights, the Sonik Dominator X is an abbreviated carp fishing rod that's designed to work with you, providing exactly what your style of angling, and the conditions and venue you're fishing, need to succeed.? The 12ft and 13ft rods in the range are supplied with 50mm ringing patterns, backing up the power boost offered by the abbreviated handle. Presented in Japanese shrink wrap, the handle provides a reliable grip in any weather, and makes the rod comfortable to handle even on the longest sessions, and in the most challenging conditions.

Boasting an understated style that's unique to the Dominator range in this dynamic abbreviated handle version,?Sonik??have created a carp rod that anglers everywhere will want to own, at a price anyone can afford.

Buy these impressive abbreviated?carp rods?today and give your fishing lifestyle the refreshing performance boost you need to turn angling ambitions into angling achievements.

Classy, effective, and affordable, the Sonik Dominator X Abbreviated Carp Rods are set to become a contemporary classic./p>

Shimano Baitrunner DL Reel

The Baitrunner DL from Shimano is a welcome addition to the Baitrunner family. Available in both front drag (FB) and rear drag (RB) both?reels?utilise the same outstanding technology that you'd expect from?Shimano?to devastating effect. The front drag system is available in either 2500 or 4000 and is an incredibly versatile reel which allows you to target?predatory species?using deadbaits as well as enabling you to take on hard fighting carp and barbel when feeder fishing. The rear drag option is available in 6000 and 10000. The 6000 is the ideal tool for tackling smaller lakes and rivers, whereas the 10000 is perfect for using with heavier lines when you really want to punch out those long distances.

Cosmetically these reels are a dream to look at. In stunning gun metal grey these reels would look sleek and smart on any?high end carp rod. However the aesthetics pale in comparison to the technology at play in these reels. Featuring a classic AR-C spool, Varispeed oscillation ensures that you are able to achieve a faultless line lay each time. The Baitrunner system allows you to enjoy a huge variety of tension settings and enables you to switch between freespool mode and fight mode in a matter of moments. Coming into play when it really counts, the Baitrunner DL's Super Stopper II ensures that you'll always land your catch.

Dyna-balance comes into its own when you're playing a hard fighting fish and it completely eliminates reel wobble. Ball bearings, as well as Floating Shaft II technology, extend the longevity of your reel as well as improving the smoothness of performance. Reels come under considerable strain in their lifespan and these technologies ensure that the Baitrunner DL doesn't let you down when it matters. Whether you're after a top quality front drag reel or you're in the market for a rear drag performance piece you need look no further than this offering from Shimano.

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