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Maver MV-R Competition Cupping Kit

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  • Black Suncore anti-friction surface
  • Slotted & bushed power kits
  • Magic Steps
  • Fusion
  • STER SVER and 4MAT resins
  • Nanolith & Teflon joints
  • Kit Package
  • 1x match kit housed inside the pole
  • 4x Powerlite power kits slotted & bushed
  • 4x Commercial power kits slotted & bushed
  • Mini extension
  • Cupping kit & cups
  • Fighting no. 4 section
  • 3x EVA clean caps
  • Pole holdall & protective tubes
  • Weight: 815g\-13m +255g\-14.5m +535g\-16m
  • Elastic Rating: 18-20 Maver Dual Core Pro


Brand Maver
Colour Black
GTIN 5051901066072
Type of Fishing Match
MPN B8600

More Info

Match fishing poles are understandably some of the most dynamic and technologically advanced items of fishing tackle you can buy designed and built to give you speed accuracy and the edge you need to achieve your competitive angling ambitions.With a strong presence on the match fishing scene Maver is an instantly recognisable brand and one that many anglers look to for quality tackle that's crafted to perform with a price that represents the value each individual tackle item will add to your angling in terms of catches made personal bests broken and hopefully match winnings collected. The Maver MV-R Competition 16m Pole Package is designed for style and built for success. The nine-section pole tops out at a full 16metres giving you unbelievable reach and taking you effortlessly to those intriguing rewarding features that are sheltering some truly special fish. The technology that's packed into this dynamic pole package starts with its Black Suncore anti-friction surface which gives you a smooth fast shipping experience effortlessly gliding to and from the water on any venue and in any conditions and continues through Magic Step technology which is designed to ensure your elastic flows seamlessly along the interior wall of the pole while Fusion technology gives you smoother pole joints which attract less wear and tear and increase the usable life of this quality angling investment.Ultra-high modulus carbon creates a pole with a balanced strength that holds up well under pressure with the rigidity you need to bring in larger carp yet still retaining the sensitivity to coax smaller shy fish to bite while performance-grade epoxy resins - the same bonding agents used in the building of racing yachts - hold everything together with a bond that's designed to take the strain from the most challenging waters and conditions as well as effortlessly stand up to the weight of large feisty fish. The power of these resins is backed up by the superior strength of the MV-R Pole's Nanolith and Teflon joints which ensure your pole is an investment that will last and which will reward you time and time again. The MV-R Competition Pole Package comes with everything you need for an action-packed match angling experience including slotted and bushed power kits for larger fish four slotted and bushed power kits specifically geared towards performance on commercial lakes four Powerlite power kits which allow for outstanding performance on any venue a mini extension which allows your pole to be quickly and effectively adapted for the rewarding demands of margin fishing a fighting four section which is perfect for targeting the commercial F1 hybrids which are providing so much high-speed sport right now and a full cupping kit which allows you to take a precise quantity of bait out to exactly where you want it.Rated for 18-20 Maver Dual Core Pro elastic this is an inspiring pole that's designed to give an impressive performance wherever your competitive angling ambitions take you and whatever species come to make your match.What Discipline Is It For. A quality piece of high-performance match fishing tackle that's designed and crafted for competitive commercial settings.Why Should I Buy It?Match fishing is all about speed and durability. Matches are won by anglers who can ship their poles fast and whose tackle holds up to the incessant demands that the discipline places on it.Bonded with performance-grade epoxy resins with Nanolith and Teflon joint technologies providing superior strength and an anti-friction surface which sees the pole almost fly through your hands together with Magic Steps internal wall technology to keep your elastic flowing cleanly and smoothly through the pole the MV-R Competition from Maver is certainly in pole position and taking a leading edge in the contest to create the most dynamic high-performance investment choice for the dedicated match angler. If you take a professional approach to your competitive angling then this a pole that will do the business wherever you're fishing and whatever your motivation.The pole is supplied with PTFE tips and factory-fitted slots giving you the performance-enhancing power that comes with modern side puller systems and a quality pole holdall protects your pole from all the bumps knocks and scratches that fishing tackle is exposed to on its way to and from the water.Bringing you strength balance and rigidity along with all the tangible technologies and additions you need to succeed the Maver MV-R Competition 16m Pole Package is one angling investment that's guaranteed to deliver spectacular returns out on the peg. Manufactured using the Signature mandrel cross compatibility of all kits fighting sections and accessories is assured on this premium-level pole that's designed with the professional match angler in mind yet crafted to give those moving up through the sport a comfortable accessible and wholly superior experience too.What's The Best Thing About It?The promise of performance delivered in style.

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