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Maver Darkside Series 2 Pole Package

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  • 1 x Maver Darkside Series 2 16m Pole
  • 1 x Darkside slotted and bushed power kit
  • Complete with hollow match tip housed inside the pole
  • 6 x Darkside slotted and bushed power kits
  • 1 x Mini extension
  • 1 x Cupping kit & cups
  • 3 x EVA clean caps
  • Deluxe holdall with protective tubes
  • Informative DVD


Brand Maver
Colour Black
Length (cm) 1600cm
Length (ft) 52.5ft
Length (m) 16m
Sections 1
Type of Fishing Match
MPN B8245

More Info

Maver Darkside Series 2 Pole Package Following on from the impressive Series 1 the Darkside Series 2 is a little lighter but a substantially stiffer model. The balance is the key feature fishing impressively at 14.5m and 16m lengths. Perfect for all styles of match angling including canals rivers and lakes but winning your vote when targeting modern day commercials. At 11.5m the Darkside 2 weighs a featherweight 620g and at 13m (mini extension excluded) a very impressive 875g. The overall rigidity and tip speed is certain to impress but it is the overall strength that will impress. Again our in house carbon pre-pregs are manufactured from the highest grade of high tensile Japanese carbon fibres utilising the revolutionary 4MAT and STER (Super Toughened Epoxy Resins). The build includes our Nanolith multi-directional fibre technology. All sections are finished with our unique black Suncore anti-friction finish which is made up of a fine metal honey comb structure providing additional wall strength. The patented finish is an industry first allowing the angler to ship at speed in all weather conditions. Teflon joints are present on sections 3 4 5 and 6 eliminating carbon to carbon wear. Internal Magic Steps present in both match and power kits provide a silky smooth free flow elastic system. All the power kits are produced with a reinforced banding and fitted with a high quality PTFE side slot for modern day elastic puller kits and the tips are fitted with internal PTFE bushes as standard. Finally all power kits include our innovative Fusion technology substantially improving tip speed and rigidity when heavier elastics are fitted. The Darkside 2 will accommodate 20+ elastics with power kits fitted.

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