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Garbolino UK Margin Pro Pole 8m

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  • IM/HM Carbon construction
  • Unbelievably strong
  • Supplied with puller kit
  • UK / G-Max compatible
  • Cloth bag and tube included


Brand Garbolino
Colour Black
Length (cm) 800cm
Length (ft) 26.2ft
Length (m) 8m
Sections 1
Type of Fishing Match
MPN GOMRG8327800-5

More Info

Supplied with a puller kit this 8m match fishing pole is exceptionally strong with a performance that's designed to make life easier for novice match anglers as well as those who want to have a pole to hand specifically for working in close and getting the most out of marginal shelter and weed beds where larger fish often like to hang out avoiding the more obvious traps further out on pressured venues. A shorter pole is also useful if you draw a tight peg or have the benefit of fishing from a wooden platform that extends well into the water; a pole at this length is short enough that you can handle it easily and won't over balance yet still delivers the results you want quickly and efficiently wherever you're fishing.Exceptionally strong and UK G-Max compatible this pole is an excellent margin option and the ideal back up for any situation. The 8m Garbolino Margin Pro Pole is ready to go and fully equipped to give you a superb angling experience on any venue.When you need a little extra power and want to exploit those marginal gains the Pro Margin Pole from Garbolino is the way to get what you want on any water

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