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X Line Fluorocarbon Mainline

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  • Excellent flurocarbon line
  • Offers great sensitivity
  • Increased strike rate
  • Extremely strong
  • Very abrasion resistant
  • Spool size: 600m


Colour Clear
Diameter 0.24mm
Mainline Length 600m
Mainline Length (Yard) 654yd
Mainline Strength (kg) 9.06kg
Type of Fishing Carp

More Info

X Line Fluorocarbon MainlineX Line is a one product brand, so the entire focus of the company is on this fluorocarbon mainline. This means that the development of this line is at the forefront of X Line's every move, so this mainline is constantly improving year on year.Widely considered to be the best fluorocarbon mainline for short-to-mid range casting, the X Line Fluoro offers the one of the greatest sensitivities of any lines currently available on the market. This means that you'll be able to get a clear picture of what's going on under the water and this line offers excellent bite indication. If you're after a responsive setup this is the ideal line choice for you. Where the X Line Fluorocarbon Mainline really comes into its own is when you're slack line fishing. It offers weight to diameter ration that really needs to be experienced in order to be believed and this line really does sink like a brick. This means that once you cast out you can be confident that this line isn't gong to waste any time dropping through the water and hugging to the contours of your venue bed.Not only is this line an exceptionally quick sinker but it is also fantastically strong. With an impressive resistance to abrasion, this line will not show any signs of premature degradation, even through repeated use. It is also able to offer an incredible knot strength. When you're rig tying the past thing that you want is to lack confidence in the knots holding the key components of your rig together. Using X Line Fluorocarbon Mainline you ensure that this is never something you need worry about and you can enjoy complete confidence in every knot that you tie. What's more, this line is also almost invisible in the water. This makes it the ideal line to use when you're targeting nervous fish as not only does it sink rapidly but once it has sunk it is almost impossible to spot it again.The X Line Fluorocarbon Mainline is available in multiple different breaking strains. This allows you to pick a line that best suits your needs, whether you're coarse and match angling in the margins or you're carp fishing for your next personal best. The line is also available in either 250m or 600m spools, so whether you're a pleasure angler who can only make it to the water a couple of weekends a year or you're a hard core fanatic who is at the water's edge more often than not, you're able to purchase the perfect quantity of line to suit your needs. The X Line Fluorocarbon Mainline boasts an exceptional casting ability up to 80 yards, so this line performs superbly for all your short-to-mid distance angling. If you're looking for a high performance, exceptionally strong, a quick sinking line for all of your slack line fishing then you need look no further than this X Line Fluorocarbon Mainline.

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