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Cobb Pro "Kitchen on the Bank" Bundle

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Our biggest COBB bundle with everything you need to cook all of favourites to perfection while out on the bank!

The "Kitchen on the Bank" bundle includes:

  • Cobb Premier Air
  • Carry Bag
  • Frying Pan
  • Frying Dish
  • Griddle
  • Roasting Rack
  • Pizza Stone
  • Pack of 6 Cobblestones

COBB premier Air and Carry Bag

The Premier Air is COBBs latest evolution in their popular range of do-it-all outdoor grills. The air looks sleeker and performs better than anything that came before it.

With the right accessories it really is like having a kitchen on the bank - you can cook almost anything!

The premier air features a vented dome lid for controlled airflow, which means you can adjust temperatures based on what you're cooking. COBB have also improved the overall quality of the grill to ensure a longer usage life. Perfect for the rigours of camping and fishing.

Frying Pan

Perfectly sized for the Cobb grill and manufactured from quality stainless steel with a thick, heavy aluminium base for even cooking and optimal heat retention.

Coated with a non-stick material. Ideal for frying, pancakes, drop scones, omelettes etc.

Frying Dish

Ideal for wok style cooking, chilli's, stews, soups etc. The stainless steel dish is perfectly sized to sit on top of your Cobb grill for even and timely cooking.


The new improved Cobb Griddle is manufactured from a thicker aluminium plate with higher ribs - improving heat retention.

The Cobb Griddle sears burgers, steaks, sausages and veggies. The fat runs away from the food into the flavour well for healthy cooking. The Griddle surface is non-stick for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe.

Designed with additional holes to accommodate the Roasting Rack.

Roasting Rack

The fenced Cobb roasting rack enables you to roast meats without the need for turning.

The roasting rack is perfectly sized to fit atop your Cobb grill for optimal heat circulation and even cooking.

Pizza Stone

The Cobb Pizza Stone is perfect for the avid home Pizza maker.

Made from Cordierite, it is more resistant to thermal shock compared to other ceramic stones. The Cobb Pizza Stone allows one to create delicious crispy Pizzas anywhere.

Pack of 6 Cobblestones

  • Safe and economical
  • Complete ignition of Cobblestone in 2 minutes
  • Ready to cook in 5 minutes
  • Built in firelighter
  • Made from coconut husk
  • One Cobblestone gives up to 2 hours cooking time if used in a Cobb
  • Burns hotter and longer than conventional wood charcoal
  • After 2 minutes of ignition is smoke free

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