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  • Hard wearing and water resistant
  • 500D green polyester construction
  • Capacity for 15 bivvy pegs
  • Double Velcro access flap
  • Dimensions: 9cm x 26cm

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Brand: JRC
Colour : Green
Type of Fishing: Carp
MPN: 1445884

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About JRC Defender Peg Pouch

If you want a durable, water-resistant way to keep your bivvy pegs close at hand, and all in one place, then the JRC Defender Bivvy Peg Pouch is exactly what you need. As any angler knows, small things like bivvy pegs have a tendency to very effectively disappear €“ usually just when you need them the most; you\re on a rough, rugged bank, the wind\s getting up, it\s clear the carp are running well, so no way are you going home€¦ but your pegs are nowhere to be seen. Frustrating, and a guaranteed way to drain your enthusiasm for even the most lively and likely-looking session.
A cheap option is to stow your pegs in a simple plastic bag; a supermarket carrier bag, or a food freezer bag. However, this isn\t ideal, as the wear and tear of angling, which involves regularly moving items into and out of tackle packs , having sharp objects knives, hooks, and the like rattling around, and having to contend with the damage that water causes to most materials, as well as the rough, gravelly conditions of many swims. When the rest of your fishing gear is designed for maximum durability, and styled to look good, skimping on something as simple as a peg pouch seems a little foolish. Far better to ensure every item of your angling kit, from your rods and nets to the smaller, seemingly trivial items, is of the same quality and style. Looking good helps you feel good, and feeling good takes you halfway to having a good session, and, even if you Don't get close to your personal best, coming away feeling that you\ve had a good run, and already planning where you\ll go, and what you\ll do differently, next time.
With an easy-access double Velcro flap holding the pouch securely closed, and 15 peg capacity, this pouch is crafted from 500D dark green and is durable, with full water resistance.
JRC have built their brand on the challenge to anglers to expect more, and with durability, capacity, and style, this bivvy peg pouch definitely delivers.

Key Features

Brand: JRC
Colour : Green
Type of Fishing: Carp
MPN: 1445884